Government is the Problem, Not the Solution

By: Craig Chamberlain

In our country today, there are two mainstream political philosophies(there are many more on the fringes, but there’s no point in discussing them here) on the one hand you have the idea that America was founded as, and should continue to be, a constitutional republic. On the other hand(the left hand for those of you keeping track) you have the belief that America should grow up, and transform itself into a social democracy based on the continental European model. The former model requires a narrow interpretation of the constitution, and a limited government with an emphasis on personal freedom and responsibility. The latter model says “constitution? What constitution?” as they move along to create a society where more and more people are dependant on the state, and where the emphasis is on equality. Not just equality before the law, but equality in economic results.

This is a serious debate that our country is having right now. One that could very well determine the course, and future, of our country, because once a culture is changed it’s impossible to change it back. The political battles aren’t just battles for votes, or to determine an election. They are battles for America’s future, and its very character. The political classes in the beltway constantly intone that the GOP simply cannot be the party of “no” that it has to come up with solutions for serious problems that the government faces.

Therein lies the problem. Government is the problem. Most of the problems that America faces in the 21st century cannot be solved with government involvement, they can only be solved by getting government out of the way. Government cannot, and should not, be the provider of health care to 300 million Americans. If we want better health care in this country, and most Americans do, the only solution is to get the statist fantasies of the Democrats out of the way. If we want health care the government should be told to shut up, get out of the way, and allow the market to handle the situation. Allow health care to be bought across state lines, pass real tort reform, and get the government out of the insurance business.

The Republicans need to be the party of no. No to government health care. No to higher taxes. No to higher debt. No to out of control spending. No to worthless stimulus bills that are laden with pork. No to cap and trade. No is a pretty good word to be throwing around these days.

The solution to our problems, despite the wisdom of the chattering classes, is to get government back into the cage it belongs in. If we want to balance the budget, the solution is to cut spending and taxes. If we want to cut the deficit, then get rid of the stimulus. If we want real energy independence, get rid of the Department of Energy, deregulate the utilities, and allow for the building of new power plants, and the exploration of oil of American shores. We don’t need an overly complicated, and an inevitably corrupt, system like cap and trade.

President Obama promised on the campaign trail that there would be no tax increases on anyone making less than 250,000 dollars a year. Now President Obama says he is “agnostic” about raising taxes. They also keep redefining the definition of “rich” at first it was $250,000 now some Democrats say that rich should be anyone who makes more than $80,000 a year. That would mean any small business owner, any professional, in short, anyone responsible for creating jobs and wealth would be classified as rich. Social Democrats, like our Democratic party, don’t care for the free market. They prefer, instead, a system of vast entitlement programs that are supported by massive taxes on a very small group of people. It’s not called a “progressive” income tax for nothing. The higher taxes discourage investment, growth, and employment. Look to Europe. Where they have perpetually high unemployment, stagnant growth, and massive entitlements that drain their economies. More and more people are dependent on these entitlements, which favors the leftist parties that defend them.

The Republicans need to be the party of “no” to higher taxes. The tax cuts that were passed under Presidents Kennedy, Reagan, and Bush spurred on economic growth, encouraged investment, and lowered unemployment. It’s a solution so obvious that anyone but a simpleton should be able to get it, that’s probably why it’s out of the reach of your average Democrat’s intellect.

The debt that America is facing is not just burdensome, it’s crippling. The Democrats favor a social democracy solution. They believe that you can spend your way out of debt. They have increased the American debt to thirteen trillion dollars. In just two years, President Obama will have spent more than President Bush did in eight years. In his entire term, President Obama will incur more debt than all Presidents who preceded him. The Keynesianism that the Democrats want simply will not work. We’ve tried it with the stimulus and the country still has unemployment of around 10%.

The Republicans must say no. It must say no to every expansion of the state. It msut say not to the debt that is crippling us. It must say no to the intrusion of the government into our lives, and the theft of our freedoms. It must remember that government isn’t the solution to our problems, it is the problem itself.

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