Rewriting History, Again

By: William P. Frasca

There is a deep disturbing pertinent valuable bit of information, which was basically kept under wraps and stymied by the main stream media, but as usual, it was brought to light and enhanced by cable television. This is relating to the fact that the Texas State Board of Education is currently discussing to aggressively attack and altering the course of almost all phases of our heritage. They are definitely, with out a doubt, considering to revamp our American history and roots, by their own interpretations, severely changing the structure of their educational textbooks, which are administered to all school age children. This is just another form of brainwashing, which was used by the Communists, especially by brutal murderous Chinese dictator, the butcher, Chairman Mao Se Tung.

This you might ask, why would this evaluation and assessment in Texas has any relevance that concerns me, my family and my children? Especially when we don’t live in Texas?

When any elected or appointed bureaucrat thinks in their own mind, that they have the ultimate gall, and the egotistical audacity to change one word of our sacred history, we must take exception to this insult and vigorously protest their self centered arrogance and idiocy, loud and clear. We must use every extreme legal measures and aggressive actions at our disposal, to change this destructive course.

Imagine that some Liberal Socialist Marxist Democrat has the potentiality of undermining the importance of our brave, courageous and brilliant forefathers, our heroes, our Constitution, the Revolution, the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Forth of July and all we hold near and dear, relating to our legacy, rewriting it to fit their own radical agenda.

This untruthful abomination must be stopped in its tracks, demanding from these social studies barbarians of American history a vocal and written apology. That must include a resignation, for even considering they had the right, privilege and intellect of performing this sacrilegious atrocity without obtaining any permission, justification or approval from the parents, guardians, taxpayers, educators and students of the school district and the American people.

We all must stand united to protect our Country, of the people, by the people and for the people. This is solid proof that we are losing our rights and liberties from a run away self serving government. These individuals obviously feel they can do anything, and answer or be accountable to no one.

We must also accept part of the blame by being complacent, sitting on our hands for years, allowing each school district to dictate all educational requirements and policies. This increased their obnoxious behavior which manufactured their “self proclaimed drunk with power” existence.

Unfortunately, Texas is the principal front runner of developing educational textbooks, which are acknowledged, followed, used and purchased by of other States in the Union. They are very close in finalizing and approving these social study changes. Once again our children are going to be used as pawns, creating a generation of historical illiterates. Who knows what lies and innuendoes will surface? Who knows what disgraceful accusations will be branded on our beloved Country of the United States of America.

Will any of our American heroes be portrayed incorrectly as heartless homicidal maniacs, demeaning their essential contributions to our survival and free existence? Will any of them be eliminated from our history, as non-entities? Will they blame all of the worlds horrific violent times on the so called fabricated American imperialism.

Our children are our most precious natural resources that must be truthfully taught our rightful past, without any mistrustful propaganda. They must be protected with all our powers and strength, to our fullest extent. We must not allow this counterfeit mind forming indoctrination of our adolescence happen. This Country belongs to the people, not to the Texas State Board of Education or any selfish bureaucrat. Stand up America, and exercise your Bill of Rights and sacred freedoms, because if you don’t they will shrink and waste away.

The next and final meeting, before it goes to publication, barring any schedule changes, concerning this matter will be held in March, 2010, before the projected and target date of May 2010 for publication. Contact them as soon as possible, protesting and demanding, that they will submit to the will of the people, by keeping the honest image of our nations past. Remember history repeats itself, so how can we ever learn from a fictitious fable of invalid interpretations.

Take back our American pride and respect that was disrespectfully relinquished by our President Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One” and his Socialist Administration, is also now expanding and overflowing to the State and Local Governments. Question their motives, don’t roll over, and don’t allow these social thugs to progressively continue to humiliate and degrade our Country any further to the vultures’ of the world. Stand up, never surrender, be accounted and most of all don’t be intimidated. You are a very special free human being; you are an American and never forget, “one can change many”.

The board can be reached at 512-463-9734, or you may email them at

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