How Many Rabbits Are In Obama’s Hat

By: Ken Hughes

Obama seems to pull rabbits [liberal legislation] out of his hat, pass them on to an extreme liberal congress and then go right back on stage to perform all over again. And that’s the rub, that’s why Obama isn’t getting the things done he expected. In Chicago the Obama mystique was a given, his black side playacted minorities and his white side was able to cozy up to the men in power. For once a Chicago politician had the best of both worlds. Never having seen his African father and being black raised by his white grandparents Obama learned early how and what to say to in essence how to go along to get along. With the help of the Chicago machine Obama turned his survival skills to politics, Obama is far from the intellectual his propagandists portray him but he is a very astute practitioner of political chicanery.

To my liberal friends quoting facts can’t be considered racist so don’t even try!

In a few days a much promoted bipartisan summit meeting on healthcare / jobs between the leaders of the two political parties and the president will take place. Democrats have the advantage in any bipartisan meeting the Whitehouse calls for, bipartisan in no way means equal participation and that’s why so many Republicans fear a trap meant to pass an already rejected health care bill. Obama is playing his bipartisan meeting like Charley Denials plays his fiddle, hard and loud. He has yet to set any ground rules, Republicans still don’t know if their seat at the summit will be sitting of the floor or standing at the back of the room. One thing they can almost be assured of it won’t be center table where the negations are going on.

Obama may not be as intellectually gifted as he’s portrayed but in the arena of politics he’s one smart cookie. He has an opportunity to turn his negatives around by holding a true bipartisan meeting allowing all views to be heard or he can play Ring Master and give the country a pre-orchestrated freak show. This time voters aren’t likely to fall for Obama’s snake oil rhetoric, they’ve been bitten enough in 2009 not to fall for any more of congresses and the president’s sleight-of-hand maneuvers.

It’s difficult to sort out fact from fiction reading main stream media reporting or for that matter internet blather. Talk radio is biased mostly to the right, TV news and talk shows lean left with a few exceptions. The poor voters are sitting on a razor sharp fence not knowing which way to swing their legs in support of the truth. The Media and political parties haven’t served their constituents or the public well in recent years, can a single bipartisan meeting change things. I think not?

There are still some of us old enough to remember the great depression and how it affected the nation. The Roosevelt New Deal turned out to be a raw deal extending the depression to12 years with an unemployment rate reaching 25% it took a world at war to end it. If Obama continues in the same direction this country could well reach the 25% unemployment rate and suffer bankruptcy as well. A world at war is no longer the solution out of a depression, the world is at war. The only solution is for America to become on of those third world dependencies that must rely on the New Super Powers for its daily bread. This is not what voters were promised in 2008 America could become. America was promised a conversion to the land of milk and honey, and it isn’t happening.

Barack Obama is the 44th President of these United States his expectations of achievements are diminishing by the hour. Granted Obama inherited as slowing economy, that’s to be expected after three decades of relative prosperity. It’s what Obama did with it that’s so appalling, Obama throw gasoline on the fires of rescission rather than gently poking the coals. George Bush who Obama blames for everything including the Ice Age that covered most of this country at one time is not the cause of Obama’s failures. Obama is failing because he’s trying to convert this country into a Western European socialist style government overnight. The public is perfectly content to go along with what this country has been for 200 years plus and slowly work to improve it where improvements are justified by a consensus of its people.

America is its people and the people aren’t about to accept a novice telling them he [Obama] is right and they are wrong about the country they love. The coming bipartisan meeting between the President, Democratic and Republican congressional leaders will tell the public just how bipartisan Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are willing to be or how far they will go to accuse the opposition for the lack of success of the meeting. The Health care meeting is going to be Obama’s greatest test of public trust since being sworn in to office. Will he do what the public is demanding or will he do what his leftists collogues are demanding, this could very well be make or break time for the Obama administrations presidency.

A president’s Rock Star status doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a great leader. In the past there’ve been exception Teddy Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and to a lesser degree Bill Clinton. Obama certainly doesn’t reach these levels by any means. In my opinion he doesn’t come close to George W Bush who I would rate at about 22nd of the 44 presidents we’ve had. We are three years out from the next presidential elections. The Media is beginning to look for a Democratic challenger to Barrack Obama should he decide not to run and should his party not nominate him. At this point both scenarios are in the question box. By 2012 the infighting in the Democratic Party could make the war in Afghanistan look like child’s play. One thing’s for sure if Obama plays fair and listens to Republicans at the coming healthcare / jobs meeting he’ll be sealing his fate with the liberal wing of the Democratic Congress. No one messes with Nancy and Harry goes along with Nancy.

The coming Washington bipartisan meeting isn’t just another photo-op it’s your future, everyone should watch at least the high lights on reruns. Then let your vices be heard stand up for the America we love.


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