What This Past Year Has Taught Us About Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, and John McCain

By: Jim Byrd

This past year, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, and John McCain have, through their actions, demonstrated who they are, in contrast to what their campaigns and detractors said they were. The mysteries, conjectures, hypotheses, and suppositions have been manifested by the harshness of reality.

The summations of reality:

Barack Obama: During the presidential campaign, and immediately after winning the election, Barack Obama was declared urbane… super cool… IQ off the charts… probably the smartest guy ever to become president… the cerebral president… too intelligent for the job, and boundless tantamount protestations of the like.

One year later, the evidence and aftermath have painted a different picture of a man whose intelligence and general competence were prejudicially manufactured by the media and the demagogues of the Left. The only existing evidence supporting Obama’s formidable intelligence and heightened IQ were, and are still, sequestered from public perusal, as his actual accomplishments present a garden variety philistine intellect. His academic record, for all practical purposes, does not exist. Not one of the myopic windbags who championed his intelligence has ever been afforded the luxury of admiring his Punahou School records, his SAT scores, his Occidental College records, his Columbia College records, his Harvard College records, and his nonexistent Harvard Law Review articles as the editor.

Obama’s record of a man possessing such an impressive IQ and academic foundation seems to run counter to his manufactured super-human perspicacity. Obama has demonstrated this past year an astonishing ignorance of constitutional law, American history, world history, basic fundamental economics, and a primary school grasp of the structure of the federal government, including each branch’s role.

Obama’s brief tenure has been plagued by a battle between his alleged super-intelligence and his doubtless super-arrogance, with the latter generally prevailing at the end of each round.

This past year, we have learned that Obama’s penchant for lying is not wielded for political expediency, as are plenty of political prevarications, but rather appears founded in a pathological affliction. Only 65% of Americans did not believe the substance of Obama’s State of the Union Address, which is low considering that almost the entirety of the speech, when weighed against substantiated facts, was one misrepresentation of the truth after another. Only 6% of Americans believe his $800 billion debacle of a stimulus package has created any jobs. To put this number in bleak perspective, 8% of Americans believe Elvis is still alive, and 83% believe Tupac Shakur is still alive.

Obama told a group of Republicans that he was not an ideologue. But this past year, the evidence has convicted Obama as the embodiment of Leftist ideology. A cursory perusal of his appointments and cabinet members’ pasts and recent affiliations with Leftist organizations, Communist organizations, and Fascist organizations, would substantiate his ideology beyond any reasonable doubt, regardless of his disputes.

Currently, only 22% of voters strongly approve of Barack Obama’s performance as president, while 41% strongly disapprove. This gives Obama a presidential approval index of -19.

So what have we learned this past year about Barack Obama? When Barack Obama ran for president, he possessed no leadership experience. When a man in his late 40′s is void of leadership roles, he is not a leader. A natural leader leads. Whatever the situation or circumstances, a leader always emerges as a leader. And to lead, you need followers, and Obama has divided this nation asunder. Continuing to divide and lead a minority of Left-Wing ideologues down a path of destruction does not a leader make. Obama was not qualified when he was a candidate, and has proven that he is not qualified one year later.
If Obama could be summarized in one act, it would be his speech earlier at the National Prayer Breakfast. He stood erect, jaw jutted out in arrogance, shrouded by teleprompters, reading words someone else wrote, and pronouncing the word “corpsman” by accentuating the “p.” This speech was embarrassing, pathetic, pregnant with fabrications, ignorant, and disrespectful, and summed up the first year of Barack Obama.

Sarah Palin: I like Sarah Palin. She, out of Obama, McCain, and Biden, was the most qualified to be president. Yet, she is not qualified to be president at this juncture, and being a celebrity is not advancing her qualifications for the job, but it is advancing conservatism. Palin does possess one trait that eludes the other three, and this trait is essential as a leader: common sense. She has values, and those values resonate with the majority of Americans. She possesses and projects a morality that eludes the majority of politicians in this country, and frustrates the Left into spasms of exasperation. Palin seems to possess the fundamental knowledge of the principles upon which this country was founded, which would make her a far better leader than our current president. I believe Sarah Palin is a very smart woman, but when pressed for specifics about the Constitution, she uses talking points that rarely penetrate into a deeper understanding. Her lack of previous intellectual curiosity regarding U.S. history and the Constitution has cost her a foundational knowledge. That can be corrected. A reading of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, studying legitimate American history from 1766-1790, reading the Federalist Papers, and reading the debates and personal writings of the Founders regarding the Constitution, would give Sarah Palin a much better understanding of the Constitution than most Ivy League Constitution Law graduates. But, with that said, she still has a better understanding of the meaning and intentions of the Constitution in the aggregate than the majority of the congress, Barack Obama, and four unnamed Supreme Court Justices whose initials start with Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Sonia Sotomayor, John Paul Stevens, and Stephen Breyer.

What have we learned this year about Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin is currently in her most suitable and accommodating role to advance the values of true conservatism. She continues to cause the loathsome and reprehensible essence of contemporary liberals to expose itself through their reactions to her. As Palin has gained her footing on the national stage, increased her knowledge base of national issues, and mastered a compelling authority to communicate her message, with each incremental step she has advanced, the Left has incrementally increased their thrashing about in the throes of their confounded agony. It would be a great loss to the conservative movement if Palin were to run for office in the near future, and abandon the power she wields in her current endeavor. Sarah Palin has settled into a position of much greater power and influence than if she held public office. Sarah Palin is good for conservatives, and good for this country.

Joe Biden: What can be said about Joe Biden one year later? Joe Biden possesses the same picayune spirit and values that were responsible for his getting caught plagiarizing a paper in law school, and graduating at the bottom of his class. His intellectual and moral evolution since becoming a senator and subsequently vice-president has been somewhat of a disappointment, as he is still the same little dimwit he was in law school.

What have we learned this year about Joe Biden? The same thing Joe has learned: nothing.

John McCain: John McCain, politics aside, is a true American hero, a man who possesses a type of courage that only a handful of Americans can claim, and as much as a lifetime of politics will corrode and decay a person’s honor and integrity, McCain has been able to keep most of his intact. John McCain, on his best day, is a run of the mill progressive, which conflicts with some of his conservative values. Most of what ails this country today can be directly tied to policies that John McCain supports. McCain, throughout his political career, and especially in the past ten years or so, has been an erratically moving contradiction, which does not characterize a maverick as much as it characterizes an indefinable entity, and what this country does not need as president is an indefinable entity.

John McCain and Joe Biden do share one thing in common: they both were sponsors of bills that had portions ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, Biden’s Violence Against Women Act and McCain’s McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Act.
What have we learned this year about John McCain? Nothing. McCain is what he was ten years ago: an inconsistent and indefinable entity.

In conclusion, one year later, the only person of the four to advance to a level of genuine and functional relevance is Sarah Palin. McCain and Biden are still McCain and Biden. Barack Obama has proven that when a president is elected whose only demonstrable skill is reading from a teleprompter, then after one year, his only discernible skill is still only reading from a teleprompter.

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