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February 28, 2010

Will Admiral Ackbar Replace School’s Confederate Mascot?

Filed under: Political Correctness Run Amok - 28 Feb 2010

Students at the University of Mississippi are campaigning to make Admiral Ackbar from “Return of the Jedi” the school’s new mascot.

The school banished its old mascot Old Reb, an elderly Southern gentleman in Confederate garb, because of “negative connotations of …

Another Politically Correct War Strategy

U.S. Army General Stanley McChrystal has ordered U.S. troops to limit night operations and raids in Afghanistan. According to a report, the Pentagon is worried about rising civilian deaths in its assaults within the southern Taliban stronghold of Marjah.
McChrystal issued …

Blacks, Youths and We The People At CPAC

Filed under: Featured Conservative,In The News - 28 Feb 2010

I performed my “American Tea Party Anthem” and “Twenty Ten: We’re Gonna Vote Them Out” at CPAC as a representative for I was struck and excited by the high number of youths in attendance (over 50% were under 25 …