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March 31, 2010

What Is *****

Filed under: Politics In General - 31 Mar 2010

For the past few weeks almost daily I’ve been receiving unsolicited e-mails from a web site calling its self “” I’m not suggesting Barack Obama is contacting me personal in fact considering the content of the e-mails I doubt …

Minuteman Project Expands, Others Drop

Filed under: Immigration - 31 Mar 2010

Jim Gilchrist has just approved the largest expansion of the Minutemen since the inception in 2004. Gilchrist has just completed an alliance with several organizations, and thereby expanding the Minuteman base geometrically. While the details are still limited, Gilchrist’s dream …

Father Groeschel Reflects on the Healthcare Vote

Filed under: In The News - 31 Mar 2010

Yesterday afternoon, I spoke with Rev. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R., on the phone from his Trinity Retreat Center in Larchmont, New York. Father Groeschel is recovering from a nasty cold, and we were speaking about other matters, but I couldn’t resist …

Nancy Pelosi Invokes the Founding Fathers to Justify the Health Care Reform Bill

Leftists have an anomalous disposition towards this country’s history, the Founding Fathers, and the Constitution. The expanding chasm between what the documented intentions were of the Founders, and the fantastical and unsupportable conjecture of the Founders intentions by Leftist ideologues, …

March 30, 2010

NCIS Underfire: Muslim Group Slams Counterterrorism Training

Filed under: War On Terror - 30 Mar 2010

One of the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization on Tuesday announced that it complained to the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) about alleged anti-Islam bias in the training offered to security personnel by that military law enforcement …

The Proposed 28th Amendment: Another Terrible Idea.

Filed under: Constitution & Bill of Rights,In The News - 30 Mar 2010

The proposed 28th Amendment reads:

Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives;

The “Right” of Spring

How ironic that on the first day of spring, the House of Representatives passed health care “reform.” When the Senate passed its version on Christmas Eve, 2009, the irony was thick, for I believed the bill—The American Affordable …

March 29, 2010

Healthcare now, amnesty next: Good for the country or vote tallying for 2012?

Barack Obama asked the Dem’s to help him save his Presidency by voting for his healthcare bill. Really! Is there an impeachment underway? America will be far too busy trying to save the country from bankruptcy to worry about Obama’s …

Southern Poverty Law Center Officially Declared “Left-Wing Hate Group”

Though always left of center, the Atlanta-based Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) once had a reputation as a fairly objective civil rights group. Founded by direct-marketing millionaire Morris Dees and partner Joseph Levin Jr. in 1971, the SPLC made important …

The New U S A, Ugly Socialist America

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 29 Mar 2010

What will the Obama health care rip off do for the average citizen except cost them money? Obama’s performance reminds me of a defendant appearing before Judge Judy when he’s speaking of the complainant he raises his hand and …

A Black Man, The Progressive’s Perfect Trojan Horse

As millions of my fellow Americans, I am outraged, devastated and extremely angry by the democrat’s unbelievable arrogance and disdain for We The People. Despite our screaming “no” from the rooftops, they forced Obamacare down our throats. Please forgive me …

March 28, 2010

Still Lessons To Be Learned From The Obama School Address Controversy

Filed under: Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 28 Mar 2010

Lincoln is credited with saying that the philosophy of the classroom in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next. Likewise, totalitarian movements such as Nazism and Communism expended considerable resources on efforts designed to sway …

Could We Ever Use An Ann Coulter Up Here

Canadian self-described intellectuals, … university administrators, … those poor, soft-headed, misguided politically-active yet politically-stupid folks called ‘students’, …they may reject and hold in contempt the concept of ‘free speech’ in Canada, but I believe it must prevail.

A Nation Divided

We are a country divided, and nowhere is the division better seen than among the comments sections beneath political articles. These opinions, conservative and progressive, reveal America and are sociologically fascinating. The following from Yahoo News: Beaming Obama …

March 27, 2010

There Can be no Freedom Under Socialism

Oh, where to begin? It’s been rough for conservatives, and others who believe in limited government. The Democrats won the battle for Obamacare, and America is now a socialist nation. And, I hate to say it, it’s going to stay …

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