Unemployment-The Fault of Obama or the Snow?

By: Elizabeth Marion

No matter what the unemployment numbers, the status of Obama’s health care plan, or the size of our deficit the Obama administration always has someone or something else to point to when it comes to blame. The most common blame target is probably George Bush, but even Barack Obama is beginning to realize that the former President cannot be blamed for most of his problems. The unemployment numbers have recently gone up again, and the Obama administration needs someone to point to for this. This time Ben Bernanke took the initiative and pointed towards the sky.

They can’t point to anything else down here. Otherwise those silly Americans might look at the White House and try to blame the President. Ben Bernanke has assure us that it is the snow, not the President, that has contributed to the recent rise in unemployment.

We have heard many unjustified accusations from this administration, but this has to be one of the most absurd. Not even Mother Nature is safe when Obama and Company start looking for someone to blame. The recent unemployment rise does come at an unfortunate time, since the Obama administration was praising its own efforts to lower unemployment through the stimulus package just a few weeks ago. Still, even for Ben Bernanke, blaming Mother Nature seems a little harsh and, well, insane! It would be equally insane to say that the recent blizzards have had no effect on businesses. They have, but the effect has been that some businesses have had to close for a day or two to wait for the roads to improve so employees could get to work, as opposed to the effect being, as Bernanke might claim, that businesses started firing people because it was snowing outside.

No one in this administration is willing to take responsibility for anything. The people who criticize just don’t get it or are labeled as radicals, and there is always someone for them to blame. It doesn’t even matter anymore who is blamed or whether the accusation even makes any sense. As long as the blame does not fall on or within the Obama administration they just don’t care who gets thrown under the bus. And the latest victim of this childish blame game is none other than the beautiful, sparkling snowflake. Frosty the Snowman is crying somewhere, but so are the unemployed. Frosty’s friends are being blamed for something that is not their fault. Meanwhile the unemployed get nothing but lie after lie after lie from an administration that claims to have brought our economy back from the brink of disaster and put the worst behind us. And now unemployment is being blamed on the weather by the same people who claim to have had the greatest effect on unemployment. If the stimulus really worked so well why do they need anyone, or anything, to blame the unemployment numbers on? Is there anyone in or connected to this administration who is honest, responsible, or decent? I am now finally beginning to understand this President’s obsession with the blame game and embarrassing lack of a sense of responsibility. If I was constantly surrounded by people who were willing to blame my faults and mistakes on other people I probably wouldn’t be a very honest person either.

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