Obama Can’t Hear The Public Uproar

By: Ken Hughes

No one is sure just what the bipartisan meeting was intended to accomplish for the Obama health care image. Whatever it was it worked better for Republicans than it did for Obama and his fellow Democratic congressmen. For the first time in a year Republicans had the opportunity to appear before the American people where neither the Democrats nor the main stream media could manipulate the truth of what was actually being said. What the meeting proved is Republicans are not the party of no and they do have things to offer when congress is considering legislation. But above all it forced President Obama to recognize there is another party other than Democrats charged with the process of governing. If Democrats and the president force his health care legislation down the throats of the American people they will be the ones paying a price in November, their majority will fly away in a hurry.

How will Obama manage to put forth his agenda when he loses his majority in both houses of congress in the coming November elections? The Obama propaganda machine spends hundreds of hours and untold millions of dollars promoting Obama’s intellectual capabilities it’s beginning to look as though they’ve wasted a lot of time, effort and money for nothing. So far the Obama failures have far exceeded the successes. For the past year it appears Obama’s been stuck in the mud with his wheels spinning. Democrats have had a super majority in the senate and an overwhelming majority in the house and still they haven’t been able to get their prime projects, health care and cap and trade off and running. Could it be the Gods of all things reasonable are working against them?

The best advertising / public relations campaign in political history was waged on behalf of Barack Obama promoting him for president of these United States. Every liberal / progressive gimmick know was pulled out of the closet polished up and used on behalf of what the media would promote as the first African American to make a serious run for the office. [I digress] There have been a number of African Americans some were women how’ve filed for the privilege of attempting to win the presidency. Are we now to assume none of these people were to be taken seriously, doesn’t that suggest racism on the part of the media? Barack Obama was promoted as the all knowing all seeing Messiah sent from above to lead us out of our miserable existence.

Obama’s first mistake was Americans were probably the least miserable people on earth and secondly, The seeds of socialism will never grow in American soil. Obama’s spent most of his life looking up at the bottom rungs of the misery index. Like so many transplanted eastern elitists Obama has what he considers the qualifications to judge poverty from his studies at Harvard’s school of social justice. To Obama’s credit or distain depending how one looks at it from time to time he feed at the table of government handouts. Obama was born at a time when civil rights / social justice was the banner the led the banter across America. [Ergo] Obama has indeed been a recipient of the privileged class. Obama’s goal seems to be to parlay his experiences into a national mandate, second class citizenship for everyone except he and his elitist’s friends.

If Obama could I’m sure he would burn the constitution the way some of his close friends from the past have burned the American flag. Obama understands the first seven articles of the constitution were not written to give the people rights. The first seven articles place limits on what elected / appointed officials can and can’t do. The following twenty seven amendments deal with the rights of the people. The founding fathers were concerned politicians would interfere with the rights of the individual. The tenth amendment was added to prevent the national government from excessive interference in the rights of the states and the people. President Obama and the 111th congress have all but wiped out the tenth amendment that preserves States rights and Public rights.

For anyone who watched or listened to the president’s bipartisan health care summit one thing was obvious from Obama’s opening comments, nothing was going to change anything. While Republicans were being allowed to make their points Democrats were chewing gum and scratching themselves, anything but paying attention. The meeting was intended to show Republicans as a group of bumbling buffoons who only know how to say [no.] What it proved was Republicans were attentive and respectable to the president. What Republicans presented were proposals that had repeatedly been submitted to both the majority leadership and the Whitehouse over the past year or more and never considered.

If we are to accept the Medias evaluation of the meeting the president came off condescending, Democrats came off indifferent and non-attentive. The winners were Republicans if anyone is interested in the end results. It’s still questionable who the real authors of the health care bill are. What it seems like to me it was given to a group of kindergarteners as a make work project then sent to India for interpretation by their computer experts. I’ve read both the house and the senate bills as well as the Obama interpretation, the letters are English the words are Washington legalese, the constitution is written on fewer than half a dozen paged in words that average person has no problem understanding. These bills are comprised in nearly five thousand combined pages of non-decipherable meaningless mumbo jumbo. We know elected representatives are no smarter than the average citizen, they are elected from the community they serve they’re not cloned by Harvard although there are times it seems probable. If the public doesn’t understand these proposals than they need to go back to the drawing boards and re-craft them until they’re understandable.

If this bill is passed without the public’s approval it can always be rescinded by the new more conservative congress in 2011. My we suggest you only vote for those candidates who are willing to swear an oath to keep their campaign promises and whose positions you believe are in your best interests.

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