Making The Case For Not Reelecting Incumbents

By: Ken Hughes

Putting the mark of the beast on all congressional incumbents is a bit of a stretch, however they’re the ones who created this economic mess the country is in. Congress holds the nation’s finances in their hands presidents do not. Subprime mortgages the government / congress insisted lending institutions participate in were the primary cause of our current economic problems. Bad loans were the real culprit that brought Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac down. In turn this put most major banks in jeopardy, or at least that’s what the public was led to believe. George Bush sent a bill to congress early in his presidency that would have regulated subprime lending and it was shot down by some very influential Democratic congressman. This is just one more case where if the tenth amendment were adhered to the feds wouldn’t be involved in regulating lending, that is something the individual states should be doing. Washington bureaucrats are like children receiving their first allowance they have no idea how to earn or spend it.

It’s surprising how little most people know about American history. The left keeps attacking the tea party movement as if it were some new phenomena that just appeared. Actually it was first used on the Mayflower when a group of passenger held the ship hostage until a new set of rules were agreed to before anyone was allowed to leave the ship. It was used again in Boston to force the British to rescind an excessive tax. The literal meaning of a tea party is when citizen’s stand up to the government in protest for unjust laws it’s used in place of armed insurrection. This happens frequently and is defined by many names. Those opposed to the tea party movements simply don’t know American history. The first seven articles of the constitution protect the citizens from a tyrannical government the following twenty-seven amendments guarantee citizens their rights.

Of all the articles and amendments in the constitution the tenth amendment is the most abused. The tenth amendment limits the authority of the federal government and passes most authority on to the states and the people… ”The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or elective, may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny”… James Madison.

How do voters know who to trust, who will keep their campaign promises? A number of congressman elected in 1994 with a promise to only serve two terms are still serving. Several Tea Party movements are calling for those candidates they support to swear an oath to keep their promises and serve the public and not the party. At present the ground rules change after the campaign and the swearing in, new congressman are expected to switch their loyalties from the people who elected them to their party. There’s a good old boys pecking order in Washington that can’t be ignored, ask any one term congressman.

Congress shouldn’t necessarily govern by polls but they should govern with the consent of the governed. Congress men and women’s first responsibility is to those people who elected them only then are they responsible to their political party.

There’s a difference between a majority in numbers and a majority of public opinion. 2009 started out being Obama’s year and ended being his worst nightmare. Obama was so intent on pushing his agenda through congress he overlooked the will of the people. Obama forgot he too serves at the pleasure of the voters. Presidents are citizens the same as everyone else it’s their egos that falsely elevate them to the top of the mountain.

The American people are the most generous on earth, even in bad times their generosity comes through. In good times they are willing to overlook the slackers among us. When times tighten up everyone is expected to share the load. Obama and the 111th congress doesn’t seem to see it that way, they want to further burden producers to give more comfort to the slackers. Two trillion dollars divided among 300 million people would buy everyone health care into the next century. Now the question becomes to whom are these mega bucks given? That’s the unanswered question the public wants to know.

Recently I’ve been receiving e-mail communications from a young man running for congress, Rocky Raczkowski has filed as a Republican to serve the 9th district of Michigan in the U S House of Representatives. Before I give him my support I want him to assure me he will go to Washington his own man beholding to no-one or no-party aside from the people who elected him. Washington is the epitome of intimidation, from the Congressional leadership to the Whitehouse to Lobbyists. Those who don’t have their hands out have a fist out, either way the new guys are going to get zapped if they don’t stand tall for what they believe in and if they don’t stand tall the public will get zapped.


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