Going Down the Rabbit Hole

By: Craig Chamberlain

So it’s come to this? The country stands on the precipice of absolute catastrophe, and instead of wisely backing away President Obama, Speaker Pelosi, and Senator Reid are more determined than ever to make the jump and drag the American people with them, no matter how loudly we yell that we need to stop. This current administration is living proof why absolute democracy is a terrible idea. The democrats, who remind us constantly, that they won the last two elections, think that their majorities give them the right to do anything they like. We’re supposed to have checks and balances. But I guess that died in the 2008 elections.

The Democrats have decreed(so therefore it will be law) that they are going to use reconciliation in order to pass this monstrosity that they call health care. Write it down folks, March 3rd 2010, is the day that the United States of America ceased to be a free country. You think that’s hyperbole? 1/6 of the American economy is now about to become property of the federal government. That’s hardly a matter to be decided by 51 committed socialists. And let’s not delude ourselves, this is socialism. After this there is no turning back. Governments don’t get smaller, entitlement programs don’t get repealed(even if the GOP promises to repeal, don’t count on them actually delivering) and once the process of socialism has started, it doesn’t stop with just one thing.

They’ve already nationalized the auto industry, they’ve pretty much got the banks by the family jewels, next on their list will certainly be the energy industry. A longtime boogey man for the Democrats, the energy companies will soon come into their sites. With Cap and trade about to be brought back from the dead, and the government telling us what kind of, and how much, energy we’re allowed to use. Hospitals are about to become government property, doctors are about to become government employees, the miserable fascists in Washington will soon have the authority to tell you what doctor you can see, what hospital you can go to, what medicines you can take, and what procedures you can have don, or if you can have anything at all.

The American people know this is about to happen, and what has been the response from the people in the land of the free and the home of the brave. I don’t know, because now we’re the land of the used to be free and the home of the indifferent. But in 21st century America this flagrant violation of our constitutional rights has been met with tepid protests when it should be met with such overwhelming force that the pinko’s in Washington would have no choice but to back down or face something a lot worse than being voted out of office in November.

That’s the problem. Most Americans are deluded into thinking that the system still works, the constitution is still the highest law in the land, and that what we say matters. The Democrats no longer care if they win in November. The far left wing of the party(the only faction in the party that really matters) is safe in its one party districts, and they don’t care what happens to the moderates. They are more than willing to consign themselves to political oblivion for a generation as long as they can kill the United States as we know it today.

Currently we are a constitutional republic, though the sun is setting quickly on that period in our history. They are determined to transform us into a social democracy, with a massive leviathan state running everything form health care, to energy, to banking, to manufacturing, all the way down. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound like a place I would want to live in. The Feds already have their hands full running the post office, and they think they’re competent enough to take over health care?

Once they have enacted their transformation, they’ve won. We can win the next 100 elections, but we will be operating from within THEIR system. It will no longer be the system set up by the founders in our constitution, with limited government, personal and economic freedom, and personal responsibility. I mentioned earlier that repealing would be impossible. Here’s why: as unpopular as it is, there are people who want this to happen, and will do everything in their power to defend it. They will create a massive bureaucracy, that will have an army of lobbyists set out to defend their existence. The Republicans would need a supermajority in the Senate, and a Republican President. Even then it won’t be repealed. Just as the Republicans tried to repeal social security, and couldn’t, we will face the same problem today. Many moderate Republicans will insist on an “mend it don’t end it” approach, the conservatives will realize they don’t have the votes to repeal so they’ll settle for some minor, cosmetic changes, and pronounce a great victory. That if we have to have government medicine at least we’re safe knowing it’s in their hands. So we’ll be stuck with this forever. The middle class will eventually see this as something they are entitled to, and it will never go away. It took us 40 years to even make sensible reforms to welfare, and we’ve never been able to reform the New Deal at all. Both inflicted irreparable damage to the freedom of this country. We’ve only lurched leftward ever since and this is the final push. It would be nice to see a silver lining to this, or some possible hope, but we’re about to go down the rabbit hole into wonderland, but unlike Alice we’ll never wake up.

We’ve gotten to the point of no return, the point where patriotic Americans, out of love for their country, must refuse to obey their government. Their is a law higher than our elected officials and this group is working overtime to subvert it to the point where the constitution will no longer be applicable. Winning the next election is no longer enough, stopping the leftward march is not enough. The goal of every patriot must now be the restoration of real constitutional government. Not government by Republicans, or Democrats, but government by the people. That might be cliched but it’s our only chance. Our elites are so out of touch with reality they should be confined to padded cells, not given the responsibility to govern. The American people must reject this government, refuse to recognize it’s legitimacy(they’ve lost that with their demands that we surrender our rights to them)and fight until the constitution is properly obeyed. We must go back to being a constitutional republic, one where people are responsible to themselves, not one where they are responsible to the state. One where people make their own choices, not where the state makes their choices for them.

This is not an exaggeration or an overreaction. Our constitutional freedoms are dying by the wayside. The left is trying to nationalize the economy, making us serfs dependent on the whims of Washington. They have been after the 2nd Amendment for decades. They want to recognize it as a collective right, where only the state has the right to weapons. They want to bring back the fairness doctrine to shut up opposition voices, and squelch freedom of speech. They push gay rights, not because they care about gays, but because they want to put those wild, conservative Christian churches under state control(keep an eye on the Prop 8 case in San Francisco. Pretty soon a church that refuses to perform, or recognize, gay marriages will have their tax exempt status taken away. Don’t believe me? Just wait.) Health care is the just the latest blow that the left wants to inflict on this country. If we meekly accept their decisions we’ll be lucky if all we’ve done is turn into France.

Given all of what is, and what is not, happening, it looks like we’re about to take that jump and go down the rabbit hole.

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