Obama Isn’t Smart Enough To Be That Stupid

By: Ken Hughes

Mr. Obama tear down this wall! There’s a gigantic wall that exists between the president and the American people. Obama was elected to be president of all the people not a visiting professor of social justice sent to cure all the presumed evils the left attributes to capitalism. As Obama chips away at the very foundation of what makes America great the rest of the world backs off from trusting him or wanting to deal with America. Since 1607 America’s been a magnet for freedom loving people to migrate to from around the world. Those early settlers didn’t come to the new world demanding government handouts. They came to establish a land free of oppressive rulers who knew better than them what was in their best interests. If Obama has his way America will regress back to the days of King George. It took from 1607 to 1776 for the colonials to break the chains of bondage. Since then the colonies / states have become a beacon of hope for all those seeking freedom. The Obama administration is rapidly extinguishing that beacon of hope. Immigrant’s no longer see America as the land of opportunity they’re beginning to see it as just one more country with a tyrannical government who wishes to control its people.

Obama promised if he became president we would all be living in a modern version of Valhalla after his first 100 days. He would wave his magic wand and cure all the evils that existed in America real or presumed. To date he’s been waving his wand like a Samurai Sword and things have only gotten worse. Of all of Obama’s obsessions health care has taken the biggest bite out of his enormous ego. With a majority in the house and a super majority in the senate puppet master Obama hasn’t been able to make his congressional Marionettes dance in time to his music.

Why would a man aspire to become the leader of the most productive innovative free nation in history then work to destroy it from the ground up? Barack Obama has had little positive to say and has done nothing positive for America since becoming president.

Barack Obama has been obsessed with fighting a duel with his former nemesis Hillary Clinton, Obama chose as his weapon universal health care. Hillary Clinton will forever be known Americas the first Tzarina of universal health care. Obama is obsessed with succeeding where Hillary and Bill failed. The Clintons were pragmatic and accepted defeat, Obama isn’t health care was to be his fast track replacing Grant’s image of the $ 50 dollar bill or a statue on the Washington Mall, it was to be his spot in history. It seems obvious Obama is willing to ride this dead horse into the Democratic Parties grave. Obama is subject to term limits all he gives up is a second term as president. These poor Democrat and RINO Republican congress man and women give up very lucrative and well paying careers, perks alone amount to more than the average civilian workers annual income. The question is do these Obama supporters sacrifice a life of prestige and security for the sake of the party leaders obsession or do they bolt and try to save themselves. Given the temperament of public sentiment this is pretty much an [either or] situation.

Obamareidpelosi health care is an exorcize in futility, these new proposals are unsustainable even in the short term. The public is being told by Democrats they must pass these laws now and work on the blueprints later which flies in the face of logic. Between the House, Senate and Whitehouse proposals there are nearly five thousand pages few have read and no one has toughly dissected yet, for all anyone knows Obama could be selling California to China.

There seems to be a pandemic of stupid infecting Washington Politicos. The only cure is in voting booths across this country. Weekly we see more conservatives trouncing liberal RINOS in primaries. I have a clue for Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Tea Party Movement isn’t going anywhere – you are. It’s the Tea Party support that’s putting conservative candidates over the top. If the Tea Party Movement is a passing fad as Arnold says it’s the slowest moving train in America. I’m not a religious person however I do believe in a creator even if I don’t know what he / she / it looks like or what form it takes. I believe every so often when the creator looks at us and sees what a mess we’re making of things, the hand dips in and straightens things out, I’m convinced we are living in such times. Rather than questioning if the creator actually has a hand in our politics we should ask what we can do to help.

It’s been a long time since public anti government sentiment has been this strong. It’s been a long time since a presidential candidate has deceived the voters the way Barack Obama has. His promises were what every person wanted to hear, Obama’s delivery has been the poorest the country has seen coming from the oval office since Jimmy Carter was president. If a politician wants to lose invite Obama to stand next to them, losing has becomes a sure thing for Obama. On the plus side Obama’s adamant support of the health care bill almost guarantees it will not pass. Universal health care was going to memorialize Obama, Reid and Pelosi instead it’s sinking them. The lesson to be learned from this is for our supposed leaders never forget who’s in charge now and always will be, “We the People”.

There’s little question the Democrats super majority of both houses of congress will be gone after the November elections, that doesn’t necessarily mean they will lose control of either house. What it does mean is congress will once more become balanced where no one political party can force their will on the public. This government was designed to be confrontational, the constitution guarantees it. For congressional leaders to call for bipartisanship is to call for the minority to surrender. After a year of sitting on the side lines the right is finally taking a stand. It took the public’s participation to give the right the courage to make a stand, God bless Tea Parties.

I am proud to be a member of the “The PARTY of NO” I hope thousands will join in and make “NO” a battle cry for change between now and November.

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