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March 8, 2010

The PC Wars of 2010 and Beyond – Spiritual wickedness in high places

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 08 Mar 2010

How we love to say that when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor she awakened a sleeping giant. We hate to hear that when the giant went back to sleep a generation of progressive liberalism snuck into the textbooks, the minds and, …

We Are Not Ashamed; Are You?

Filed under: Education & Schools,Religion & Faith - 08 Mar 2010

School administrators in Texas face a federal lawsuit filed on behalf of three students, accusing the school district of refusing to allow children to carry or read the Bible.

Health Care Summit Testy Exchanges

Can I ask you a question? Did anyone really think that President Obama’s “Bipartisan Health Care Summit” would be a game changer? While pundits of the old media and new logged in their opinions and analysis of the purpose …