The Sarah Palin That Was, Isn’t Anymore

By: Ken Hughes

Sarah Palin formerly Mayor, Governor / Vice Presidential candidate isn’t the same Sarah Palin Media Darling we’re seeing today. This isn’t to take anything from her. She obviously knew what was going to be in her best interests. She was a lame duck governor a defeated vice presidential candidate and the left and the media had made her a national icon of ridicule. For Palin not to take advantage of all the stars lining up in her favor would have been a wasted opportunity on her part. She and her advisors were well aware if she runs for president in 2012 she will spend her entire campaign defending ridiculous things Tina Fay of Saturday Night Live says and the main stream media and the left will attribute to her. The left’s attacks on Sarah Palin have become a cottage industry for many Democratic political pundits. She’s been vilified unjustly to a point all she has to offer now is turning the lefts allegations back on them as being totally ridiculous, in essence she’s making fools of the fools.

Sarah Palin is the epitome of what real America women can accomplish in the 21st century. She’s a mother, a wife and a community leader all wrapped up in one person. She took the initiative and balanced a career with her duties as a home maker, something many unsung women are required to do these days. Sarah Palin with the support of family and friends was able move it beyond what most women are able to do. Sarah Palin makes the National Organization of Women look like a chapter of the KKK. She’s been able to reach the top of the mountain without walking all over good old American traditional values.

I’m guessing but I believe Sarah Palin won’t run for public office any time soon, at least not until the lefts obsession with her dies down. She wouldn’t be able to get any points across and defend herself against unfounded [trash talk] the left is so clever at disseminating through the left leaning main stream media. The left traditionally has a second target they attack in addition to presidents. With LBJ, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton it was family members. With the Bush’s they used unsubstantiated rumors with no validity. Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin had / have a natural sense of humor they can instantly turn on their attackers making the attacker the butt of the comments.

Sarah Palin as Governor of Alaska took on one of the most corrupt state governments in the 50 states and cleaned up the corruption with a number of state officials going to prison for their participation. Alaska is the only state without a state income tax where each citizen receives a bonus check from the state each year. As governor Sarah Palin sold cheap leases to Oil Companies for a share in the production profits later, and then made sure all citizens of Alaska shared not just the state government coffers. Governor Palin accomplished a lot of positive things for Alaska, things the left lied about and distorted until the truth no longer mattered. The very mention of the name Sarah Palin brings gasps and strange looks for the public. No political party or media has ever spent so much time energy and money trying to destroy a person’s reputation as they have Sarah Palin. Fortunately intelligent people aren’t easily fooled by the lefts chatter.

Sarah Palin will not run for president in 2012 not because she isn’t qualified, she is. Because she’s still a target of the left and the main stream media attack dogs, Sarah Palin resigned the governorship to save the state of Alaska hundreds of thousands of dollars and a great deal of misinformation spread out all over the world. Dozens of frivolous law suits were being filed for no other reason than to embarrass the Palins. Defending against them they were costing the state and the Palins a lot of money. Eventually all of the law suits were dismissed and the one individual responsible for filing most of them was prohibited from further filings.

For those people who dismiss Sarah Palin as uninformed I suggest you clean your glasses and put new batteries in your hearing aids. I can’t recall a politician who in less than one year went from relatively unknown to a national icon and managed to maintain the position. Sarah Palin’s popularity equals that of Barack Obama, She’s like a little French Poodle nipping at his heals. He can’t shoot her, he can’t kick her all he can do is smile and bare the aggravation, then in private scream at his staff to do something about that bitch.

Sarah Palin found a niche she’s perfect for. She’s the rights official antagonist. I can’t think of anyone more qualified or more enthusiastic at the job. She manages to keep the left dancing on a pin head with very little effort.


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