Three Point Plan To Defeat Amnesty In 2010 Revealed


ALIPAC is releasing a three pronged strategy today designed to defeat the current push by President Obama, and Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Lindsay Graham (R-SC) to give Amnesty to over ten million illegal immigrants in American thus turning them into competitive workers and voters.

“This legislation and agenda is so unpopular with the American public that John McCain is abandoning his promise to the Democrats to sign the Amnesty bill because he knows J.D. Hayworth will defeat him if he does” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “That is why McCain’s main ally, Senator Graham, is working with Obama to try and find another Republican Senator dumb enough to sign the bill. ALIPAC is taking actions today to defeat this Amnesty push!”

ALIPAC’s strategies, national media appearances, and tens of thousands of activists played a key role in defeating Amnesty legislation and the Dream Act Amnesty legislation in 2006 and 2007. Those responsible for pushing this nation destroying agenda in America have regrouped and are now pushing full force with the backing of millions of dollars to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty in 2010.

ALIPAC is launching a three point plan designed to defeat Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty.


“We are launching thousands of calls directed at the US Senate Republicans today, and demanding that they reject Senator Graham and McCain’s overtures on behalf of Obama to sign this awful legislation,” said William Gheen. “Combined with the pressure of our lobbying in DC, we plan to elevate this issue in the Congressional Campaigns, which will shut it down because we know the vast majority of Americans reject this legislation despite numerous politicized polls being thrown in the laps of lawmakers. Americans want enforcement, instead of Amnesty!”

Pro-Amnesty groups have launched multi million dollar ad campaigns, intense lobbying efforts, are conducting town hall meetings across the US, and have announced national marches on March 21st which will attempt to rival the large immigration marches of May 1, 2006, which politically backfired on the promoters.

ALIPAC Plans to announce countermeasures on Wednesday by unveiling the plans for Tea Party Against Amnesty events (Round 2) to be held across the nation on April 15 in response to the March 21 protests led by Amnesty bill supporter Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D-IL). New content and updates will be presented at soon.

For more information about ALIPAC’s lobbying of the US Senate, campaign and candidate operations, or Tea Party Against Amnesty round 2, please visit

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