Where Does Palin Stand?

By: Elizabeth Marion

Sarah Palin has been viewed by many as a supporter of conservatism in America. She has also been a vocal supporter of the Tea Party, which mainly stands for limited government and limited spending. She was even one of the speakers at the National Tea Party Convention in Tennessee.

The tea party movement is not just anti-Obama or anti-democrat. It stands for some specific things. It stands for conservative values, limited government, and individual freedoms, values most progressives do not agree with. John McCain is a progressive and Sarah Palin is sending mixed messages by supporting both a progressive incumbent who is seeking re-election and the tea party movement, which is largely against incumbents who have made careers out of serving in Congress, which McCain has obviously done. That’s what the tea party is all about. It is all about American citizens stepping up to say that they’re tired of the status quo and that they’re tired of a Congress and a White House that is completely out of touch with what they’re going through and with what they want. Not only is John McCain a career incumbent, but he also believes in global warming, supports cap and trade, has been far too passive in fighting Obama’s socialist agenda, as many Republicans have, but most importantly has identified himself as a progressive. The progressive are the main reason for many of the problems that we have and the tea party understands that. That message has apparently not gotten through to Sarah Palin. The only good thing about John McCain is that he is against Obamacare. Even so, McCain’s opponent is also strongly against Obamacare and shares more of the conservative values of the tea party, so Palin really has no excuse not to endorse him over McCain and no excuse to endorse McCain at all. And if she is supporting McCain because she feels that she owes it to him it is her responsibility to explain that to her supporters. The last thing America needs is another two-faced hypocrite and Sarah Palin needs to prove that’s not what she is.

As with any political figure there are those coming to her defense and excusing her hypocrisy. Most Americans probably would not know Sarah Palin’s name if she had not been McCain’s running mate in the 2008 presidential elections. Some are claiming that this is her excuse for supporting John McCain now, that she is only paying back a friend. If that is true she cannot be a good leader. America needs a leader that stands by certain principles instead of being more concerned with paying back those who helped them get where they are. That’s exactly why so many are angry with President Obama. More and more Americans are beginning to realize that President Obama is a man who is about payback, not principles. The banks and businesses have seen more and more strict regulations, except for the President’s friends at Goldman Sachs. Fannie and Freddie have no limitations on spending either. The taxpayers will have to pay for the government takeover of our health care, except for the President’s friends in the unions. Everyone has to pay their taxes, except those who are a part of the President’s inner circle and are helping him with his agenda. There is always someone who is exempt with President Obama. There’s always special interests and payback. The question is whether Sarah Palin will stand for principle or payback, whether she stands against the progressives with the exception of John McCain. We need leaders who stand by their principles and don’t make exceptions. Sarah Palin cannot support the tea party movement and the progressive movement at the same time and still expect to be taken seriously.

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