No Apologies Needed Mr. President

By: Ken Hughes

President Obama has gone around the world apologizing for actions taken by the United States Government that saved millions of lives over two centuries. He has yet to suggest any of those countries that inflicted pain on their neighbors and their own people apologize or show any remorse for their actions. Obama has one skill and only one and that’s reading a teleprompter programmed by liberal propagandists dedicated to creating the myth of Obama’s genius. Those in the academic world assume all geniuses are anti-violent. In order to further the myth of Obamas intellect he must appear non-violent something that’s becoming a hard-sell considering the escalation of the Afghan war into Pakistan.

There’s a difference between non-violence, cowardice, arrogance, indifference and stupidity, these abnormalities are mans worst enemy. When the Barbarians are breaking down the gates it isn’t wise to invite then in for a party.

Obama was awarded a Nobel Prize for his efforts to create a nuclear free world. This is another case where Obama’s prize came before his performance. Obama held out his hand to the despots around the world and they spit on it. All of Obama’s apologizing for America went for nothing if anything it weakened America in the eyes of the world. It doesn’t make sense to expand the war on Al Qaeda and the Taliban and placate their supporters / backers with promises of economic cooperation. Obama has a problem not remembering what he promised yesterday, is about to promise today or knows what he will promise tomorrow. It’s these inconsistencies in Obama’s character that keeps America and the world on edge. Not knowing what Obama will say or do next is not only costly it’s scary.

America may not have invented democracy they certainly perfected it. America is the first nation on earth where the people govern, where the government is totally accountable to the governed. This is something President Obama and the 111th congress don’t seem to understand. Congress and the president seems to think after the election they were going to be in charge, they obviously haven’t read the constitution. For those who think the constitution is a living document that changes with the times WRONG! if that were the case there would be no need for a constitution. That document is the only guarantee the people have they are in charge.

The closest president we’ve had to Barack Obama was Franklin Roosevelt [1933 to 1945] who held the nation hostage for twelve years. It was under the presidency of Roosevelt democracy began to fail and socialism began to advance. Socialism under the misconception of social justice has been slowly eating away at the constitution for the past 75 years. The constitution is very clear in the powers the federal government has over the people and the individual states. It’s time to elect conservative constitutionalists congress persons to a majority and get back to the America we once had imperfect but tolerable and even loveable..

For a number of reasons several congressmen are announcing they won’t be running for reelection in November 2010. Some have legal problems others have simply given up, perhaps this is an indication they know something they can’t share with the public? I have never been keen on conspiracy theories but the deliberate ignoring of the public’s sentiments by congress and the administration are endangering America and making us wonder why they feel they can be so brazen about what they’re proposing knowing what the consequences will be in the coming elections? They can’t possibly be so dense as to not know they’ll be paying the ultimate price.

Complaining without solutions is just so much bitching. The administration and congresses main concern is not for the economy but on what will further destroy the country by using government run health care. All of the critical issues facing congress have been put on the back burner in favor of a single issue no one can agree on. Congress and the president should be concentrating on how to turn the economy around and leave health care for another day.

When the new congress is seated in January 2011 their first task should be lowering taxes and reducing the size of government then rescinding much of what the 111th congress has done. Too often taxes are used as punishment for presumed bad behavior, that isn’t the purpose of taxing. Education and good examples should be the way to address behavior. The media are like sheep they follow the loudest bell. If our political leaders take a more positive approach with less finger pointing the media and the public will surely follow. After all congress is elected to serve the public not besmirch them. If the American people are too stupid to communicate with politicians, politicians should find another smarter country Americans are here to stay uninformed as they may be.

The real experts on the economy, health care etc. are those people working in those fields not the politicians and lobbyists who only understand Washington politics and none of the real issues. Half of the rules governing congress could be wiped off the slate that would only improve the way congress operates. Congress has moved to close to parliamentarian procedures, there are too many Me Lords and Me Ladies for a free nation to tolerate. For as much as congress views them-selves as American Royalty they’re not. They were once our friends and neighbors now we are their enemy.

Here are a few suggestions for congress to consider, open up insurance company’s ability to compete across state lines. Enact tort reform and limit lawyer’s fees to reasonable percentages allowing physicians to practice real health care and not preventive medicine. Work with pharmaceutical companies to promote preventive treatments rather than inventing new illnesses each week. Cut government grants to universities that don’t teach reasonable standards. End government grants for ridiculous research such as studying the sex life of homosexual Bull Frogs. If the government would stop interfering in every aspect of our lives the private sector would step in and support those things worthy of support. Government programs are like a cancer left untreated, they continues to grow until it kills the patient.

The time to apologize Mr. President will be after the 2012 elections as you’re leaving Washington for your home in Chicago.

No one ever expected American’s to be perfect or to have a perfect government. Most of our charm comes from our obvious warts. It’s those warts that made the rest of the world so envious.
Let’s get our country back to what it was when we were number one in the world. Vote conservative in November.


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