What All The Screaming Really Means


by William Gheen
President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

Late last night as I shut down my computer, I paused to reflect about the large volume of vitriol, attacks, distortions, screaming and yelling that I had to deal with this past week and it made me smile.

I was smiling, because I know what it means. Now, I want you to know so you can smile too.

You see, in the last week alone, our organization ALIPAC has been attacked by 6 different radical left blogs, 2 independent newspapers, one multi-million dollar George Soros funded group, John McCain’s U.S. Senate campaign, and a partridge in a pear tree.

Our allies over at NumbersUSA are under bitter attack as well with similar ludicrous claims emanating from a host of well-financed pro-illegal immigration groups and blogs.

The Open Borders Lobby (OBL) is desperately throwing everything they can at ALIPAC and NumbersUSA including the kitchen sink. Since they have very little real political ammunition, they are getting creative.

Unfortunately for America, their creativity is expressed using the dark arts of deception and black propaganda, and it does make me shake my head to see their poisonous filth injected into what should be civil discourse and proper political debate in America. Such a shame that innocent Americans and members of the media who care about the truth might encounter these blatant lies that are being broadcasted.

While the tune and tempo changes, the song remains the same. All of the fake allegations beat the same old dead horse and worn out race card. They exclude the context and the contrary facts to float bits of reality twisted to deceive the public and claim that ALIPAC and NumbersUSA are the new KKK and Nazi Party.

And of interesting note is that these radical leftist groups like Wonk Room and some Indy Media (George Soros) operations, are offering advice to Republicans on how to deal with immigration issues and groups like ALIPAC. The amazing thing is that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Tea Party leader Dick Armey of Freedomworks appear to be accepting that advice and working in conjunction with the radical left attack blogs and papers!

I hope it says a lot to each of you that John McCain and Dick Armey are on the same page and political talking points as George Soros, Indy Media, Wonk Room, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ADL and other radical leftist groups. It is common sense that you should never accept or follow advice from one’s enemies. The fact that McCain and Armey are accepting advice from the radical left shows they are not truly opponents. These folks are all on the same team!

The radical left has been very happy with Armey in the last few weeks. Armey of Freedomworks has recently launched unprovoked attacks on both retired Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) and U.S Senate candidate J.D. Hayworth! Tancredo and Hayworth both oppose illegal immigration or any Amnesty for illegals. Armey and McCain support Amnesty.

In an interview with Charlie Rose, Armey launched an unprovoked attack on fellow conservative Tom Tancredo. He said “I tell you, I was for example, not really happy to see Tom Tancredo calling himself a tea party guy…He is harsh and uncharitable and mean-spirited attitude on the immigration issue.”

Using the latest collection of polling data at ALIPAC, it appears that Dick Armey feels the vast majority of Americans are “uncharitable and mean-spirited” for opposing the Amnesty Armey supports. That is why Armey is trying to exclude any mention of opposing Obama’s current Amnesty legislation during the Tea Party events on April 15.

That is why ALIPAC is working to include opposition to illegal immigration and amnesty in the April 15 events via www.againstamnesty.com

Dick Armey also launched an unprovoked attack on J.D. Hayworth. Hayworth is running against pro-Amnesty Sen. John McCain and Hayworth has the endorsement of both ALIPAC and Tax Day Tea Party (Armey’s largest rival group in the Tea Party movement).

In a phone interview with the The Arizona Republic newspaper on Feb. 3 2010, this is what Dick Armey said about J.D. Hayworth. “It’s hard for us to believe that J.D. Hayworth could mount a credible challenge to John McCain. Obviously, we’ll watch the race. But J.D. had a fairly short, undistinguished congressional career with virtually no initiative on his part…”

Huh? Wait a minute! Aren’t these guys supposed to all be Republicans and fellow Conservatives?

As a veteran campaign consultant who left my career behind to run ALIPAC when I discovered the severity of America’s illegal immigration problem, I can tell you a known rule is that the candidate or group that is losing goes negative on a candidate or group that is winning.

Using the rules most campaigns live or die by, John McCain’s weekly negative attacks on J.D. Hayworth are the kind of behavior one would expect from the candidate who is losing the race!

John McCain has a young man named Brian Rogers serving as his campaign researcher and press director who is launching most of the negative attacks on McCain’s behalf. Rogers worked on McCain’s failed Presidential campaign which proved when Republicans support Amnesty for illegals they lose to weak candidates like Obama.

The Huffington Post reported on 5/11/09 that after McCain’s last failed campaign Brian Rogers became “The research director for Al Gore’s Alliance for Climate Protection.” Talk about bipartisanship! John McCain just rehired Al Gore’s climate change research director.

Does that explain all of the erroneous claims and wild fiction coming out of John McCain’s campaign? Perhaps after Hayworth defeats McCain, Brian Rogers can find a job working for Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi in their new careers after the voters throw them out, too!

Rogers’ current “research methods” seem to include perusing rabid left wing websites and using his mouse to copy and paste text that he then quickly disseminates via national press release on behalf of John McCain. In his most recent attacks on Hayworth and ALIPAC, this has resulted in his distributing completely false and unverified information and associating the John McCain campaign with some pro-illegal immigration extremists like Dee Dee Blase. Way to go Brian! How do we send you a check and a thank you note?

The pro-Amnesty groups are also targeting Hayworth and ALIPAC because we have promoted the fact that Hayworth’s run is holding back Obama’s push for Amnesty legislation in the U.S. Senate. McCain is hiding behind the scenes, afraid to sign the bill as he had promised Obama and Sen. Schumer (D-NY).

Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, McCain’s agent and proxy, is the lone GOP Senator willing to sign the bill that would grant citizenship and voting rights to millions of illegal aliens, while raising legal immigration levels beyond their current historic levels.

J.D. Hayworth is the man stopping Amnesty in its tracks in 2010 and that is why ALIPAC is working to make the maximum donation to his campaign and asking others to give Hayworth all they can! http://www.jdforsenate.com/

And that brings us to the point of this article.

It is my great pleasure to inform you all that the reason John McCain, Dick Armey, George Soros’s organizations and media publications, and a host of radical leftist bloggers are all going bonkers right now is because they are very afraid, desperate, and they sense that they are losing this battle!

In my extensive past political experiences, I have specialized in the art of bringing down corrupt entrenched political status quos.

While I have won many battles, I’ve lost my fair share as well.

Some of the wisdom passed down to me by my mentors, combined with my personal experiences tells me that… “If they are not screaming, we are not winning!”

If all was quiet right now and our opponents were truly confident, reserved, and calculative then we would be in bad shape. It would mean that our chances of overthrowing them were very low.

The behavior we are seeing with all the screaming, shouting and wild accusations is symptomatic of an established and entrenched political status quo on the verge of collapse or defeat!

Things are likely to get wilder and louder as we march to victory in November of 2010. Please remember my words to you that they will go down kicking screaming and crying, or they won’t go down at all.

Before this is all over, you will probably see someone claim that William Gheen of ALIPAC, Roy Beck of NumbersUSA, and Chris Simcox of the Minutemen sacrifice goats and burn crosses at fund raisers for J.D. Hayworth, Tom Tancredo, and Sen. Jim Demint!

You will know that what they say about us says much more about themselves.

When you hear the screaming and wild accusations, just smile and know that it means victory is within our grasp and our enemies are attacking those they fear the most.

William Gheen is the President of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC also known as ALIPAC. He is also the Director of Tea Party Against Amnesty efforts and the Director of the the National Illegal Immigration Boycott Coalition. Gheen has served as a campaign consultant, lobbyist, legislative assistant, and Assistant Sgt-At-Arms for the N.C. Senate. For more information, please visit www.alipac.us or www.againstamensty.com

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