Forget Spring Break Send Troops To Mexico

By: Ken Hughes

It wasn’t that many years ago Mexico was a fun place to visit, the border towns from Tijuana to Matamoras made American tourists welcome. Further down in Mexico the resort towns were a must for many American tourists and Mexico has been a magnet for students on spring break for the past several years. In the past I spent a great deal of time traveling in Mexico, those days are gone at least for now. These days my comfort zone is at least 50 miles north of the border. The drug wars are spilling over into the American border towns. The Mexican military is crossing the border without permission, this week a Mexican military helicopter was spotted on the American side of boarder between Falcon Lake and McAllen Texas and that isn’t the first time Mexican authorities have illegally crossed over into the U S. Mexican drug dealers / mules have increased their activities as a politically correct U S administration makes it more difficult to prevent them from being pursued or prosecuted. If they’re Tejanos [Mexican American] they can’t be deported. It seems drug dealer rights supersedes the authority of law enforcement.

Most Americans are more concerned with the number of minimum wage workers crossing the border illegally than they are the killer drugs being smuggled into this country. Neither has a place in our society but the workers are far less damaging than the drug dealers. The government places no real emphasis on either. At the moment neither is critical enough to be considered vote getters. When a band of masked drug dealers breaks into one of Mexico’s resort hotels and murders a dozen American college students enjoying their spring break then perhaps politicians will pay attention. Elected officials have taken a wink and a nod approach to drug use for too long, the day is near when they can no longer ignore its severity.

There’s a health pandemic in this country and it’s not because some people don’t have health insurance. It’s the flow of nearly unrestricted illegal drugs coming from around the world that’s the greatest health problem. The U S Military is station in many countries protecting people who don’t appreciate their efforts. Those troops would better serve their country spread out along our southern borders. Today a limited number of Border Patrol and a handful of Shadow Wolves [Native American Special Agents] are all that stands between the drug dealers and the American public. Cleaning up the drug problem in this country seems like it would have a higher priority than bankrupting the insurance companies. It seems liberalism equates to tolerances for all the wrong things for all the wrong reasons. Cigarettes kill when a person is 80, Alcohol and drugs kill when people are in their 20’s and younger. The politically correct people are intent on extending life beyond 100 and have little concern for those due to excesses don’t make it much past adolescents because of illegal drugs and alcohol. More young people are killed in this country each year because of drugs and alcohol than the entire military losses defending their right to be stupid.

Contrary to what President Obama says American military personal have been protecting the oppressed around the world for over two centuries as invited guests not occupiers. The American military fights like hell to win once they’ve won they show unprecedented compassion for those they’ve defeated. I don’t give Obama credit for being able to think much beyond what he reads on his Teleprompters. It’s my guess some of Obama’s soothsayers have been reading the tea-leaves and are advising him coming down hard on the military is not one of his best ideas. The situation in Mexico is only going to get worse not better, in the end the military is going to have to get involved, that or move the U S / Mexican boarder 50 miles north dig a mote and fill it with killer alligators.

Extemporaneously Obama doesn’t have the ability to put six cohesive words together. His oratory skills come from what others create and he voices. Years ago there was a comedian, Victor Borge who had a unique way of punctuating verbal sentences. Every time I see Obama speaking I can visualize Mr. Borge sitting on Obama’s shoulder whispering in his ear. When Obama speaks his pauses and head turns are as predictable as can be, the words may change but his style never varies.

To date our government isn’t addressing the Mexican / US boarder wars. They’re playing lip service to illegal immigration and ignoring the real problem of the drug trade. The Border Patrol and the Shadow Wolves are spread too thin to make much of a difference and when they do apprehend infiltrators they’re hampered by rules of engagement their advocacies are very familiar with. Political correctness is stripping the guts out of law enforcement. Compassion for law breakers should only come after they’re bound and gagged.

Many American citizens wonder if the lawyers for the ACLU know what the “A” stands for?

Finger pointing and name calling isn’t going to bring this country back to a constitutional government. To get back were we belong it’s going to take the cooperation of the voters, in a citizen managed government citizens must speak up and make their voices heard over the chatter of the bureaucracy. Paraphrasing Berry Goldwater, Patriotism is no vice in the pursuit of justice. There‘s been very little justice for the public in the things done by congress and the president so far in 2009 and 2010.

It’s the duty of every eligible citizen to make themselves aware of the issues and vote to correct the errors their elected officials are making. It’s time to clean congress up by cleaning it out.


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