Can Obama Survive The Health Care Wars

By: Ken Hughes

When you think you’re the Alpha Dog and you’re not there’s a price to pay. Obama and the leadership in congress are about to learn in an elective government there are no alpha dogs only voters. The health care issue has been distorted for the sake of politics to a point it no longer represents anything even similar to health reform. President Obama has placed the blame for what liberals perceive as a failed health care system on everyone except where it belongs, on politicians. Seventy five years ago a socialist bug began to infect government policy. Almost overnight the rich were being vilified and the poor became the chosen ones. As the poor began to prosper the presumption of fairness remained. A presumption of fairness became the battle cry of a new brand of liberal politician. These new liberal politicians found a constituency in the poor, minorities, intellectuals and the unmotivated. Individuality became a curse many avoided in order to fit into what was perceived as the main stream. Not rocking the boat is an old American tradition for many of the minority class. It’s those who are willing to rock the boat that has made America the greatest nation on earth many of whom were minorities.

If President Obama and Congress think theirs is the final word on the health care issue they belong on the next continent east of here. European style government doesn’t work in a nation where the people have the final say. This countries freedom has been to hard fought to give it up now. There are only so many kicks before the 800 pound Gorilla kicks back. This so called health care bill should be defeated based on its constitutionality not on the abortion language. The only way the federal government can assume responsibility for the nation’s health care is by passing an amendment to the constitution rescinding the tenth amendment and that isn’t likely to happen. Obama is more likely to suspend the entire constitution by presidential mandate before an amendment could be approved.

Nancy Pelosi is right, we are two days away from a historical event but not the one she’s promoting. This is only the second time something so critical to the welfare of the people has become law without the benefit of having been subject to a vote by both houses of congress. The other time was when the Supreme Court ruled Texas Abortion laws were too strict and their decision became the law of the land. This historical event is a super majority of congress thinks they can do as they dammed well please ignoring the will of the people. We the People are not so easley brushed aside, We’re only seven months away from brushing a majority of the house and a third of the senate aside should we chose. Their reckless actions this weekend could very well spell their demise in November.

Constitutional Conservatives [aka] Tea Partiers aren’t just concerned with this year’s elections they’re combining them with 2012 potential victories. Democrats don’t believe the Tea Party movement can hold together over the long haul, they’re wrong the Tea Party isn’t a third political party they’re not a national organization as the left is trying to paint them. They’re a lot of pissed off people talking to their friends and neighbors and that can’t be set aside and trivializes as the left is trying to do. Neither the Democrats nor the media gets it this is 1776 all over again for all the same reasons, stealing our money and squandering our freedom of choice.

It would be harsh to say the president is a liar and a coward, it would be dishonest not to say it. Anyone who can’t stand by their words for twenty four hours is a coward. Obama is continually changing directions to cover his errors and false promises. Obama is selling his health care plan like the girls on the Home Shopping channel sell junk jewelry. The merits of the product are what the script says they are other than that he knows nothing. I have a clue for Barack Obama Teddy Roosevelt never advocated universal health care neither did Harry Truman, Franklin Roosevelt was the first president to take that long leap into the obis. This is the lefts problem they make it up as they go along until the lies equal or surpass the truth. There comes a time and that time is here when the public can no longer be fooled by the rhetoric. We can discount the 50% plus who don’t support Obama’s health care program, the critical number for the left is the 30% minus who do support the legislation. 30% is not winning odds in any poker game that I know of. The left can’t survive this fiasco called health care reform the question is how long and how much damage will be done before it can be corrected.

When the left assumed the election of a democratic congress and president was a mandate by the people they were wrong. It was a warning to all of congress they hadn’t been listing to public opinion, for to long they had been hiding behind the walls of Washington doing their own thing. That was the message the voters were sending in the 2006 and 2008 elections, as usual politicians weren’t listening. Now the public is speaking out via Tea Party meetings and bombarding congress with phone calls and e-mails they have at last gotten the attention of Republicans in congress.

For the first time in years Republican congress persons are united in their stand. This time against a monstrosity of a bill that has little to do with health care and a lot to do with controlling the public.

A word to the unwise ”When ego consumes common sense the end is in sight.”

No political party can be an island unto them-selves in America it takes everyone to keep democracy afloat. A government can only give what they first take from us. In November vote for a free America, vote for conservative candidates they will be available in both parties.


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