Obamncare- Whether we Want it or Not

By: Craig Chamberlain

As of this writing Speaker Pelosi still does not have enough votes to pass the Senate version of Obamacare through the house. Estimates vary, some claiming that she is only 10 votes away, while others claim she’s only 4 or 5 votes away. I suppose it should be a heartening sign that so many Democrats are afraid for their political lives, that many who voted yes the first time around are now saying no. They’ve all given different excuses, they don’t like the abortion language, they don’t like the sweetheart deals in the Senate bill, they don’t like the Cadillac tax, but the real reason is fear. Vulnerable Democrats are scared stiff that they won’t have a job come November if they vote for this bill.

So, this is reason for optimism right? Wrong. Let’s not delude ourselves or give ourselves over to false hope. The Senate bill will pass the house, with all the crooked deals in it. Speaker Pelosi will get enough votes because, eventually, she will convince enough moderate Democrats to throw themselves on their swords for the sake of party loyalty. Or, if she doesn’t get enough votes, she and her leftist allies can just “deem” the Senate bill to be law.

I’ve been watching politics for a long time(it’s a sickness) and I have never seen anything so grotesque, so arrogant, so contemptous, and so unconstitutional as this bill. In normal times politicians watch the polls, listen to their constituents, and try to avoid enraging them. We, however, do not live in normal times. Once upon a time politicians actually observed the constitution and followed it. Now, it’s seen as an outdated political thesis written by a bunch of dead white men.

The Democrats no longer even make the pretense of following the constitution. It’s not expedient for them to do so. They know that there is no constitutional justification for what they are doing, that the efforts by representative Slaughter(D-NY) are unconstitutional in the extreme, and that there is no point in trying to defend their efforts on constitutional grounds. This is not about the people, this is not about the constitution, this is not even about health care. There are two motives driving the Democrats and their unconstitutional and undemocratic Jihad.

The first factor is to pass something for the glory of President Obama. His political capital is losing value fast, and he needs a signature piece of legislation to show that he can get something done. Heaven knows that his current record isn’t going to get him a monument in Washington D.C. anytime soon. His record so far is to spend more money in one year than President Bush did in eight years and to drive the debt higher than all of his predecessors combined. This bill is now partly about his legacy and being remembered for something other than being the second act of the Carter Administration.

The second factor, and the more dangerous,(yes, even more dangerous than a politicians ego) is that Obama and most of the Democratic party really want to do this. They want to do this because they see expanding the government by creating a new entitlement program as a way to permanently expand the power of the state, and with it, permanently expand the power of the Democratic party. It’s hard for rational people to fathom, but there are those that really believe in the power of socialism.

They really believe that the state can, and should, govern as much as possible. That the power ton control health care is really a power granted to them by the constitution. They think their desire, masked by a rhetorical concern for the poor, puts them on the side of the good and the just. It really boils down to misanthropy. They believe that the people are so uncultured, so crude, so stupid, that they can’t manage their own affairs. Conversely they believe that they are so wise, so noble, and sophisticated that they can’t fail. They believe that a government that can’t run the DMV or the post office is somehow entitled the make health decisions for every American.

And that’s what is going to happen. Somehow, someway the Democrats will find a way to force this obscenity into law. We can try to reason with our lawmakers, but how do we reason with the unreasonable? How does one get through to a fanatic who is immune to the facts? These are the problems opponents of the health care bill face, and it’s why, that, in the end, we’re going to end up with socialized medicine.

The American people don’t want this, it will ruin the economy, and it will be the beginning of the end for America as a free nation. Because socialized medicine is only the beginning. Once the politicians realize they can get away with a partisan reconciliation, passing bills without a vote, and doing something unconstitutional and they will keep doing so. Democrats will keep doing it to advance their statist agendas, and the Republicans when they regain power will use it to advance their statist agenda. (They have different agendas, to be sure, but there is a great deal of big government thinking in the GOP)

If this sad episode illustrates anything, it should show that constitutional Republicanism is taking its last breaths, and that both parties contributed to its demise. Our government no longer cares about preserving the freedoms of the American people, or following the constitution. So if our government is not willing to follow the highest law in the land I ask: why should we follow the government?

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