ALIPAC Ready To Harness Immigration March Backlash


As Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty supporters plan to descend on Washington on March 21, 2010 with a promised 100,000 illegal aliens and their supporters, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC prepares to harness the resulting public backlash into civic action designed to “Stop Amnesty in 2010″.

“May 1, 2006 was our biggest membership growth day ever was when the illegals and their supporters took to the streets by the millions. We are looking forward to a similar public backlash this year,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “It proves that America’s immigration enforcement levels are not adequate, when so many illegal aliens can be organized by billion dollar interest groups to go and flagrantly march on our lawmakers in DC.”

ALIPAC’s 30,000 national supporters are being asked to support NumbersUSA’s lobbying countermeasure plans this weekend, titled “S.T.O.P. Amnesty in 4 days”. Citizen activists will schedule district office visits with lawmakers and flood DC offices with calls, e-mails, and faxes opposing Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty. More information about this effort can be found at

ALIPAC is also rapidly organizing a counter protest to the March 21 Amnesty march on Washington, called March For America, by calling on Tea Party event organizers who welcome American citizens, signs, tables and organizations, and guest speakers who oppose Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty at their April 15 events, to sign up at

“About 80% of Americans support enforcement, instead of this Comprehensive Amnesty they are pushing for in DC,” said William Gheen. “This March 21 event is going to increase opposition the Health Care legislation by showing Americans that there is a plan to give illegal immigrants Amnesty by assuring they are covered in the health care bill.”

A March 11 NBC / Wall Street Journal poll found 57% of Americans oppose the current health care bill in Washington. While these are strong numbers, opposition to taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens ranges in the 63 to 83% opposition range.

Congressman Luis Gutierrez’s Comprehensive Amnesty demand march on Washington will increase public opposition to health care reform legislation, if Tea Party groups harness the backlash as well.

ALIPAC played a central strategic and activism role in defeating Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty and Dream Act Amnesty attempts in 2006 and 2007.

“We have beaten them before and we will defeat them again,” said William Gheen. “We hope that more Americans fighting Washington on other issues will take notice of our past expertise in stopping out of touch lawmakers from making nation destroying mistakes.”

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC will be working around the clock this coming weekend by preparing for the march, conducting interviews with the media, and organizing countermeasures. For more information please visit

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