Wherefore Art Thou Forefathers?

By: Guest Authors

By: Stephanie Flater

On Sunday, Robert Gibbs was giddy as he expressed confidence that the healthcare bill will be the “Law of the Land” in one week. The unconstitutional healthcare bill, the government-run power grab, compliments of the career politicians whose welcome in D.C. has long expired. The leaders who humbly swore to uphold the Constitution have shunned their oath in lieu of money, power and bribes. They have betrayed their constituents, morphing into skull and crossbones avatars, promoting their lethal ideology without regard for the after effects they will leave behind.

Scan the internet and the daily headlines read like scenes from a horror movie, a reality show nightmare, in which the unwilling cast of characters includes the American people, those who know that our freedoms and liberties are on the line. This battle between good and evil has reached a crescendo with a high probability of the largest, most outrageous takeover of government in American history, a preposterous notion coming from a bureacracy that can’t balance a budget, submitting instead to printing and spending money at the breakneck speed of a runaway train, driving America into debt of such magnanimous proportions that generations untold will be paying for the idiocy of these wreckless choices.

Thomas Jefferson said, “The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first.” Mr. Gibbs is sorely misguided in suggesting that government-run healthcare will be “The Law of the Land”. The law of the land is the Constitution and it doesn’t include the government’s unwelcomed intrusion into the lives of Americans. Our founders gave their lives for America, not for an inept entity, aka The Government, that wants to dictate and control our lives, defying the very reasons America is the greatest nation in the world. The government has criminalized itself, dragging America down a dangerous road that is eerily reminiscent of Hitler’s Germany. Woe to those who fail to learn from history.

The day of reckoning has arrived in America, the place where the rubber meets the road, as we learn the fate of healthcare. We will never forget the politicians who sold their souls, compromising the Constitution for a piece of legislation that will enslave Americans at the expense of freedom and liberty. We will never forget our selfless efforts to uphold our duty as Americans to honor and respect the Constitution, as we attended town hall meetings and contacted our Senators and members of Congress. We will never forget our founders who shed blood so America could be free. We will never forget the Constitution and the rights it guarantees. We will never forget because we are Americans. We will never forget in this election year. We will never forget.

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