Americans for Legal Immigration Response to DC March


ALIPAC is issuing the following responses to today’s ‘March For America’ which is attempting to place over 100,000 illegal immigrants and their supporters on the Washington Mall to demand Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty from DC Lawmakers.

“We are dubbing this Amnesty march the March Against America.”, said William Gheen, President of ALIPAC.

“A large majority of Americans want comprehensive immigration enforcement, instead of comprehensive AMNESTY” — William Gheen.

“People should consider calling Janet Napolitano’s Homeland Security immigration hotline at (866) 347-2423 to ask why Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is giving so many illegal aliens a free pass to protest in Washington today?” — William Gheen.

“These marchers are advocating the overthrow of American laws, sovereignty, and the self-governance of American citizens who want our immigration laws adequately enforced, to be a significant deterrent to illegal immigration.” — William Gheen.

“The fact that so many illegal aliens can gather upon our American capitol, with massive corporate sponsorship, and without any fear that President Obama and Napolitano will enforce our existing immigration laws and it shows that our immigration system has been paralyzed by special interests.” — William Gheen.

“Americans need to quickly organize to oppose this new push for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty. We want Americans to sign up to support our Tea Party Against Amnesty events across America, to be held April 15-17. People can sign up to show their support and take action to stop AMNESTY at” — William Gheen.

We support NumbersUSA’s “Stop Amnesty In Four Days” efforts found at and encourage our supporters to watch the LIVE broadcast from Roy Beck today starting at 2pm.

“On Monday, we need to lead and organize the public backlash. Most Americans will be very angry and dismayed, when they learn so many illegal aliens and their supporters have gathered in Washington to overthrow our existing immigration laws. We want all of our national supporters on the phones to Congress on Monday!” — William Gheen.

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty will lead to tens of millions of new illegal immigrants entering the country in the next decade due to America’s lack of immigration enforcement credibility.” — William Gheen.

For more information or to join the effort to defeat AMNESTY in 2010 please visit and sign up at and

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