The New U S A, Ugly Socialist America

By: Ken Hughes

What will the Obama health care rip off do for the average citizen except cost them money? Obama’s performance reminds me of a defendant appearing before Judge Judy when he’s speaking of the complainant he raises his hand and says “Everything that man just said is a lie.” Common sense tells us nearly every promise Obama made of lower insurance premiums, broader coverage and lowering the national debt is unachievable goals therefore a lie. It’s impossible for the government to add all the perks in this bill and not have it cost a bundle. Does anyone honestly believe congress will allow the president to take one dime out of Medicare, that’s never going to happen? There’s virtually nothing in Obama’s promises that will ever come to fruition. There are likely to be a hundred plus law suits filed that could temporarily put a stop to this legislation becoming law. Not every federal judge is bound by his / her politics some still abide by the words in the constitution. Due to the public outcry the Supreme Court can’t possibly refuse to hear these challenges to this illegal and immoral legislation.

This Obama legislation has little or nothing to do with improving health care it’s a monument to Barak Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and the 111th congress. The people of Indonesia just tore down a monument of Obama lets pray the American courts will do the same. If there’s an ounce of truth in either the house or senate bill it’s buried in the bindings. This is the first time I can recall when the majority of the American people stood up and screamed no and the president and congress answered screw you. Congress is about to go home for one of their many annual vacations. Several if not most congress persons are about to learn, screw who is not a modifier nor is the devil made me do it going to fly this time. Congress has a lot of explaining to do and I doubt they can convince anyone they were right.

Making false accusations is not the same as explaining, Democrats are notorious for their political Black Opts against anyone who they feel is a threat. Destroying anyone by innuendo and planted stories that are false are the things Liberals in the Democratic Party relish most. It’s rumored some of the Easter Universities actually have secret clubs that teach Black Opts tactics, it isn’t far from inciting political protest to disruptions inciting violence. Someone in a tea party political rally shouts out a racial slur, the shouter was probably a plant. The media reports the entire rally was violent. This is one way the lefts Black Opts perform their dirty tacks. These covert operations are hatched out of sight of any official Democratic Origination without the knowledge of rank and file Democrats. Only the upper levels of the Democratic Party are privileged to the workings of Black Opts. These operations must have top level approval and no one in the Democratic circle is more skilled at lying than Barack Obama he’s a master at getting underlings to do his bidding and later take the heat.

It’s obvious under the leadership of Barack Obama and the Liberal Democratic Party dirty tricks will expend as public discontent grows. It seems to be the intentions for Liberals to turn America’s clock back to 1770 when the country was a territory of the British Crown. This Democratic Congress is operating under pre-revolutionary rules, rules that came from across the Atlantic. For the past 390 years when the first pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock the oppressed and the underprivileged have been immigrating to America to partake in what the current leadership of this country is trying to abolish, Freedom for the individual.

In one year the United States of America has become the USA Ugly Socialist America. This isn’t the first time men lacking principles and patriotism have set out to destroy what made this country great. Americans have always championed the rights of the individual first and limits provided government second. We the people have always been above the bureaucrats in life’s food chain. Every so often a Franklin Roosevelt, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama come along and tries to make America their own private Kindergarten School where they can reeducate the public in their perceived image of fairness. Something the public is fighting with a vengeance, the public’s turn is coming its only seven months away. The November mid-term elections will be when the stuff hits the fan big time.

This article will be seen as a harsh assessment of the current administration and congress by the left. The right will say I haven’t gone nearly far enough. This is a consensus of what I hear from the majority of the people I communicate with. Support for the Obama agenda is about one out of every hundred. More than half of the people I come in contact with are immigrants from around the world, few are Hispanics from Mexico. I also meet many minorities and only the most radical support Obama. Blacks in my city are worse off that anywhere in the country with perhaps the exception of Obama’s home community in South Chicago. We can no longer afford political correctness and pandering to minorities, it’s time we recognized we are all Americans and we are all equal under the law. It’s time for the cry babies to grow up, man up and start to rebuild this country with pride and not bigotry from either side. This country doesn’t need the Obama’s, Biden’s, Reid’s and Pelosi’s in charge just to skim the surface of those we can do without.

The public must wake up and vote for conservatism if we are ever to be the great nation we once were. It’s time for Americans to stand up, stand straight and do the right things


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