What Is ***** my.barackobama.com?

By: Ken Hughes

For the past few weeks almost daily I’ve been receiving unsolicited e-mails from a web site calling its self “my.barakobama.com” I’m not suggesting Barack Obama is contacting me personal in fact considering the content of the e-mails I doubt he’s been consulted about the scam. For the president to use Whitehouse stationary to campaign on and solicit fund would be highly unethical as well as illegal. The president would never do anything unethical or illegal. Would He? The e-mails bare the Whitehouse logo and the presidents name as the signor however those things can easily be photocopied creating a nonexistent image, Or Not. It’s obvious these e-mails are coming from a surrogate, some left wing zealot who wants to promote the president’s agenda and scam a few bucks off a gullible public at the same time.

Barack Obama is the perpetual campaigner, campaigning is easier than being president. When your only skill is playing marionette to a teleprompter the fear of exposure is always a clear and present danger. Obama makes statements he often reverses in the same speech the man is about as inconsistent as a critter crossing the road. This week Obama is out campaigning for his health care bill even though it’s been passed by congress. He’s failing to convince the public it’s in anyway a cost or debt reducer. Every economist worthy of the distinction knows it’s nothing less than gigantic tax and spend legislation that has more to do with limiting individual choices than it has to do with lowering costs and improving health care. Obama’s goal is Ultimately Socializing America his version of what U S A should stand for. Democrats don’t get it, Mongo the 800 pound gorilla is pissed [meaning the majority of the public.]

It’s not just the health care issue that has the public up in arms it’s a whole bunch of Obama proposals from student loans, energy policy, immigration, just to mention a few. His willingness to openly bribe congress to get favorable votes is deplorable. The Obama excuse is Republicans have done it in the past, yes they have unfortunately but never on a scale done by this administration, it wasn’t right then and it isn’t right now. The Obama / Congressional contempt for the public is unprecedented. It’s as if the administration and congress believes the municipal water systems across America have all been converted to produce Liberal Kool Aid.

The Obama administration and the 111th congress deny they’re socialists, they prefer the term progressive. Progressive means to move forward in a positive manor, there’s very little positive in what the president and congress has done this past year. The national debt increased by 20% and the only recipients were banks insurance companies and unions, for the average citizen things went downhill. Unemployment, home values and investments all suffered while the government borrowed money to hand out where it shouldn’t have been handed out. If 2 trillion dollars has been equally distributed among 300 million citizens this recession would be over now. The majority of the public thinks in yesterday’s terms, yesterday’s socialism isn’t todays socialism. If the public doesn’t keep up with the current nuances they will slip by unrecognizable. The Obama administration and the 111th congress are trying to sell the public ally-cats as registered Persian Kittens and so fare they’re succeeding with about half of the population.

It seems each day some new environmentally sponsored proposal comes from the Oval Office via a surrogate spokesperson. Not long ago it was the end to all fishing commercial and sport within the confines of the United States. Today Transportation Sectary LaHood is suggesting alternatives such as man powered transportation have rights over mechanically powered mobility. All these new proposals coming from the Obama Camp are beginning to sound very European, what’s next all males over the age of puberty are required to dress in lederhosen and pointy hats with feathers? The problem with all of the Obama Camps ridicules proposals when the stupidity of them are realized the left immediately blames the right for starting rumors and making things up or they blame George Bush, Sarah Palin and Christianity. The Obama administration is of the Radical Left Liberal Persuasion They have been lying to the people from before day one, how many of the promises Obama made before the election has he kept, none? Has he been apologetic or even offered an explanation for his lying to the people, no not once. Lying comes as natural to President Obama as breathing and is about as un-noticeable on his part.

There’s a lot to question concerning Barak Obama ideologies. Obama seems to favor Islamic over Western cultures, there’s nothing in the constitution that says a president must be a Christian, however there is something that says he / she must respect the religious choices of the majority along with those of the minority. Obama has proposed a commission to improve relations with Muslims, a clear violation of the concept of separation of Church and State Things have gotten out of hand when the main stream Media starts commenting on the presidents lies, when the MSM can no longer spin the lies coming out of Washington things have gone a bridge to far. The only media hold outs seem to be MSNBC and to a lesser degree CNN other than that a wave of truth is sweeping though the news rooms of America, The new headline is “Bumbling Dumpty has fallen”.

Not to comment of President Obama’s deliberate snub of Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel would be unforgivable. Israel is the only country in the Middle East where freedom is practiced. Arab women are treated with less respect than their farmer’s livestock. Israel is the epitome of the 21st century while next door and the next countries over the people live in squallier and poverty. In a region where civilization is supposed to have began progress has been slow in coming, they’re still living in the fifth century BC. How Obama can compare the Muslim [aka] Islamic world with America and think Islam will improve it is beyond understanding. That’s not exactly true, Obama thinks about the elite and not those underlings who are only there for their brawn. Obama equate it all to a Bee Hive mentality where the Queen Bee is serviced by the Soldier Bees and the Worker Bees dutifully feed and maintain the colony. It’s not my America but it seems to be Obama’s.

Obama’s Bee Hive mentality can be pushed aside if enough conservative constitutionalist candidates are elected to congress in November,

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