Liberals Have A Plan To Destroy America

By: Ken Hughes

Liberalism is out to destroy America as we’ve known it for three centuries. The unconstitutional health care bill and the sleazy way it was jammed through the legislative process has put Democratic congress persons who voted with Obama / Reid / Pelosi on the defensive now they’re retaliating. The only way they see of digging their way out of the hole they’ve dug for themselves is to attack those who are calling them out for their illegal and immoral vote. The left is attacking the tea party movement as un-American ignoring the fact it was tea party and town hall meetings that created this great nation, there were tea parties before there were Democrats. Not all congressional candidates supported by tea partiers will win, when that happens it will give the left more fuel for the fire. What’s important is balancing congress back where two parties have the opportunity to debate issues before passing legislation. Compromise should be the mother’s milk of politics!

This past year has been bad theater that’s been allowed to run to long, it’s time the curtain came down on this one party government. America’s greatness has always been its diversity of opinion. In the past the need for a consensus has kept the country from the excesses of evil. Politicians campaign on what good they can do for their constituents, they point to the countries problems real or imagined in the hope of winning their election. Americas supposed problems are what the rest of the world dreams of enjoying. It isn’t necessary to destroy in order to improve, it isn’t necessary to tear down the old house to add a new room. Carpenters bidding on the new house are the same ones who screwed up the old one. 2009 and the beginning of 2010 are devastating years for America unless things change this country is headed for a land fill.

This administration and congress have no understanding of how the capitalist system works. Capitalism finances government, capitalism without profits doesn’t exist. Government without the support of capitalism can’t survive. This theory has been proven time and time again. It’s almost as if governments strive to be inefficient and cumbersome. In America politicians strive to assimilate power, when that power reaches the tipping point of government vs. the people it’s time to clean out the barn. It’s time for the people to take charge again, that’s what the tea party movement is all about, cleaning out the barn. Realigning congress back from the one party majority to a balance between the two parties will take two election cycles by 2012 things should be back where they belong. Capitalism will once again be the mainstay of the Americans way and profit will no longer be a dirty four letter [Joe Biden] word.

Education is what’s missing in our society, not necessarily reading writing and arithmetic K through 12 but rather what social graces they’re teaching in school. Political correctness has replaced subjects like American history and the constitution. Educators are replacing the responsibilities once assigned to parents. Many of today’s young people are more apt to argue the merits of redistribution of wealth over ambition and achievement. At this rate the next generation of Mommy’s and Daddy’s won’t be able to afford the life style and toys for their children this generation has. That may be when the pendulum swings back in favor of the capitalist way. Acquiring things has always been the motivator for people to progress and achieve in life.

If one follows the liberal line through life there may not be a need for an education. Liberals believe everything should be divided up equally without regard for education, effort or ability. A specific percentage of everything goes to minorities, the handicapped, women, underachievers etc then subdivided within those groups. It’s up to a vast group of government bureaucrats to make sure the white male population follows all the new rules. According to the new liberal philosophy all men are not created equal depending on circumstances some are more equal than others, There should be room in the house for those considered minorities but it shouldn’t be the master bedroom, in a truly fair society the master bedroom should be reserved for those paying the mortgage.

Creeping liberalism has sucked the incentive to achieve out of people, it’s been replaced by a dependency on government to provide for the public’s needs, this is not what my America is about. This administration wants to bring to America what our ancestors crossed an ocean to escape, total government control.
The definition of the name America literally means individual freedom, the freedom to succeed or fail on our own merits without a government holding their hand. Failure is one of the greatest incentives to succeed in the future, there are far too many supposed government safety nets to allow most people to fail and learn from the experience. The government keeps handing out fish rather than teaching the underachievers how to fish to become self-supporting.

Most of the men and women in congress and certainly the president have never faced serious economic conditions in their personal lives or in the national economy. They are baby boomers or newer who grew up in good times when a second serious recession was considered an impossibility. It was that lack of understanding the fundamentals of capitalism that every so often the economy must slow down and take a breath that’s created the current situation. For several years congress has spent beyond its ability to tax and repay what was necessary to borrow to keep on spending. Not only did congress max out the nations credit cards they encouraged the public to do the same. Subliminally if not factually the government was encouraging the public to spend spend spend without regard to pay pay pay. Bankruptcy once a dreaded solution to over extension of funds is now advertised on the various communication outlets as just one more commodity available to resolve a problem. Call them Tea Parties, Town Hall Meetings, Radicals, Un-American or Patriots it’s the public by any name who will bring an end to the madness of congress trying to establish European style Socialism in America.

Each vote for a more conservative congress person will count in November. We have two election cycles this 2010 election and 2012 election to correct and restore a balance in congress where both parties have equal say in writing legislation, the backbone of a democratic society.


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