Obama Is Playing Shell Games With America’s Future

By: Ken Hughes

When Obama isn’t selling snake oil he’s playing a shell game with his many proposals for change. But more than that he’s playing Russian roulette with the Democratic Party’s future and he doesn’t seem to care. If it enhances his legacy the price is immaterial. Every new day some new socialist proposal pops up the media attributes to one of Obama’s surrogates. We the people keep saying he can’t do that and the Obama camp finds a way to circumvent the constitution and do it anyway. There are things happening in this country under Obama and the 111th congresses watch that would appall the founding fathers. In frontier days a smooth talker like Obama often came to town in a fancy colorful wagon and left tarred and feathered riding on a rail, it’s a shame the country became to civilized to carry on the tradition.

The fallout from a year’s associating with Obama is beginning to take its toll on democrats. It’s our understanding those who returned back to their districts for their spring break are holed up in their homes with the shades drawn unwilling to face their constituents. It’s no wonder they won’t show their faces when their leader Barack Obama says passing his bills are more important than following the procedures of years of congressional conduct, more important than the fear needed to hide in the shadows from the voters. Democratic congress persons were faced with a choice, go along with the leadership or get demoted and sent to the bottom rungs of the congressional ladder. Harry Reid may not have that much power in the senate, Nancy Pelosi does in the house and she uses it. Nancy Pelosi represents Havana of the bay [aka] San Francisco where Socialism and Marijuana are their major cash crops.

Nancy Pelosi is so wrapped up in the moment she can’t envision the day she will no longer be Speaker of the House.

Washington had just as well be a walled city for all the access the voters have to its inner workings, this is not to say votes don’t count they do. What it does say is congress is so wrapped up in their own procedures they can’t count the votes. When Humpty Dumpty falls from the wall in November a thousand lawyers will have jobs trying to put Humpty back up on the wall. It’s probable more than one congress person will try to legally challenge the voters choice. When George Bush received more electoral votes than Al Gore it went all the way to the U S Supreme Court and was finally settled by the Florida Supreme Court, a decision Democrats have yet to accept. As Obama has said [figuratively speaking ] possession is 9/10th of the law. Democrats control Washington and they aren’t about to give it up without one hell of a fight.

There have been tainted charismatic leaders throughout history who have all been brought down by concerned citizens. America’s history is a departure from barbarism and tyranny found in other parts of the world. America like no other place on earth has been the bastion of freedom since the pilgrims landed in 1620. America is known around the world as the 800 pound Gorilla no one messes with. When America’s freedoms are challenged it usually comes from within, The Obama agenda is the biggest threat this country has ever faced challenging individual freedoms. Obama and his liberal colleagues are set on the Europeanization of America. It seems as though Obama rather than elevating those on the lower levels of society he wants to bring the rest of Americans down to the lower levels of society. In Obama’s world only the eastern elite are qualified to make decisions. The Tea Party Movement are the new afore mentioned concerned citizens who will bring down liberalism in America.

Paraphrasing one of the founding fathers, When you find an unprincipled man it’s a shame, when you find two it a law firm and when you find three or more its congress. A metaphor that may be somewhat execrated but the idea has merit. No more so than passage of unconstitutional legislation that for the most part deprives the American citizen of rights spelled out in the constitution that begins with, We the People. The founding father who were themselves congressmen representing the colonies knew how deceptive man can be, therefore they adapted a set of rules of conduct and called it a constitution. The constitution is about restricting the powers of government more than providing rights to the people. The tenth amendment was added just in case congress and the president didn’t understand the meaning of the first seven articles. The interstate commerce clause doesn’t come close to absolving the violations of the constitution this health care legislation will perpetrate. Finally the slippery slope often talked about is here.

Obama and company aren’t the first to try to redefine America in their image. Perhaps the most prolific were the Roosevelt administrations. Teddy made an honest attempt for the good of the people and Franklin for the advancement of socialism. It’s very easy for those who are safely out of reach of the poverty level to advocate for social justice. In both cases We the People stood in the way preventing a total takeover. We the people [aka] the tea party movement will stand in the way and do our thing just like we’ve always done. The only thing in America to big to fail is America it’s self. It’s been those freedoms man has enjoyed as an American that’s driven his quest to advance technologies that in tern improve and advance society. Neither politicians nor government can claim credit for the America we as it’s citizens have created and enjoy, all politicians and government can do is diminish those freedoms by excess regulations and excess taxation.

When Benjamin Franklin was ask what the Continental Congress had given the country his answer was “A free nation if you can keep it.” Today America with Obama and the 111th congress at the helm is closer to going over the cliff into the obis of nothingness than ever before.

Stand up America don’t allow any degree of socialism to pervert this great nation. The path to our assured freedom as we’ve always known it is the ballot box. Don’t allow opportunity to pass us by.

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