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April 12, 2010

Modern Patriot’s Declaration of Truth

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 12 Apr 2010

We the people are tired of being told what to think and what we should tolerate, condone and endorse. We are tired of seeing Christianity bashed, God blasphemed, perversion praised, and prayer and religion expelled from public and government life. …

Democrats Are Running Against Sarah Palin

Filed under: Elections & Voting,In The News,The Democrats - 12 Apr 2010

Democrats have already begun to attack Sarah Paling as their prime target for the November midterm elections and why not? It was a winning strategy in 2008. Obama ran against Palin and congress ran against Bush. The question is …

Liberal-progressives, almost universally, misuse the terms Nazi and Nazism

Liberal-progressives reflexively use the term Nazi to denigrate anyone or any point of view they dislike. Doing so is the equivalent of civil rights activists seeking to damn Ku Klux Klan members by calling them Abolitionists.