Past the Point of No Return?

By: Craig Chamberlain

Like an engineer ignoring the “bridge out” sign President Obama is going along, full speed ahead. Perhaps he thinks that if he gains up enough speed he can jump the chasm ahead, and we don’t need a bridge. Or, maybe, he wants to crash. He wants to see a pile of wreckage, lying at the bottom of a canyon. Then he can reassemble the wreckage into anything he wants.

Most politicians have enormous ego’s, it comes with the territory. Whether it’s Periclean Athens, Ancient Rome, or the United States of America, politicians have always had the attitude that they know best. That they’re just too smart for rest of the rabble that they have the misfortune to rule over. President Obama just doesn’t have a big ego, he’s a full blown narcissist. He thinks,(he really does) that he has some messianic mission to fill. That he’s been sent to transform America into a kind, just, nation, instead of the greedy, imperialistic, bastion of racism that he sees it as today. He tells Democrats worried about losses in the November midterms elections that they shouldn’t worry. Because, after all, unlike in 1994, the Democrats didn’t have the chosen one leading them. I guess Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, didn’t count.

We all know his record. We know what he has done, and what he wants to do. We’ve gone over it time and time again. I’m writing this on April 15th, tax day, and today, countless Americans will take to the streets to protest government corruption, out of control spending, high taxes, and a crippling debt. They are right to protest. A liberal would point out that our government is not corrupt, certainly not since the Bust Administration left town. That our taxes, compared to Europe are quite low, and that all of that spending is needed to bring the debt down, after all they can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

But let’s come back to reality. Our taxes are high, and they are getting higher. Many European nations, seeing themselves in financial trouble, cut corporate taxes(ours is the second highest in the worlds, only Japan’s is higher) and have instituted a flat income tax. Russia, the land of Lenin and Stalin, the land of scientific socialism, Russia! has a flat tax. We, the land of the free and the home of the brave, have the most complicated, corrupt, and progressive tax system in the free world. It’s so complicated that the men and women in charge of writing our tax laws, can’t understand the tax code. It’s filled with so many exemptions, loopholes, and refunds, that most Americans don’t pay federal taxes, and that the wealthiest Americans, pay for almost everything. Our system is filled with tax cheats, because no one can make heads or tails out of our tax codes. The more complicated a system is the easier it is to swindle it.

The idea of the progressive income tax was cooked up by Karl Marx, who advocated for it in his Communist Manifesto. He that such an income tax would break the capitalist system, cause class warfare, and lead the way to a communist society. His beliefs were enthusiastically picked up by American progressives, and in 1913, the progressive income tax was enshrined into our constitution. The only thing progressive about it is that it has progressively gotten bigger. When it was first implemented it was promised that it was a small tax, and would only apply to the very wealthiest of Americans, who, after all, should have to pay more because they made money. We all know how that worked out.

Now, the income tax is the primary source of taxation for the federal treasury. The Democrats constant screeching about the rich, has created the class warfare that they have always wanted, and have made real tax reform an impossibility. In the jargon of the left, the rich are defined as anyone who has a full time job, a mortgage, responsibilities, and after all that they might have some discretionary income. If you meet that wide definition, congratulations! You’re “rich”, and therefore entitled to carry the ever growing burden for all the government programs the Democrats want to give to their supporters( i.e. the people who don’t pay taxes) see the problem with this system? When half the people don’t pay taxes, and get something from the government anyway, they are going to support that system to the bitter end. Anyone who attempts to change the system will be demonized, as heartless, uncaring, and greedy.

Most Americans wrongly believe that April 15th marks the day, they pay their taxes, and they start working for themselves. That’s not the way it is. We pay taxes today, we don’t start working for ourselves until later, and it keeps getting later. As the tax burden grows, and the debt increases it is not out of the realm of possibility that an American citizen could work 11 months out of 12 just to pay his tax burden.

Let’s say it like it is: This system is unsustainable. The idea that we can get all of the money we need from 1% of the population, while ever ringing up more debt is as idiotic as believing that you can get one gallon of orange juice from just one orange. No matter how much juice that orange might have, eventually it’s going to run dry. Then what? Do the liberals dare tax the working class, their supporters? Of course, not once these people actually had to pay for these services they might demand and end to them and lower taxes, and that would erase the lefts entire economic plan.

The stimulus, the debt, and the taxes are all a recipe for pushing America off the economic precipice. Cutting taxes, while it sounds nice, is no longer enough. Unless real tax reform is implemented, true conservative change, a flat tax for example, we will fall off that precipice. Unless we radically cut spending, not just readjust, and go back to old spending levels, cutting earmarks- while nice- is not enough, deep cuts(maybe eliminating entire departments) might be necessary, if we don’t do that then we will have crossed the point of no return and fall off the precipice.

If we want April 15th to be a real day of tax freedom, we must have fundamental tax change, change our relationship with the government and insist that they don’t have so much economic control over our lives. Until that happens we will never be out from the thumb of Washington.

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