Not violent, not racist- Just no longer silent.

By: Guest Authors

By: James B.

So now people who oppose the left in this country are practicing sedition? I mean associating everyone in dissent as racist, bigoted and violent wasn’t enough? No, we have the left even harking the Tea Party as an invitation to another Oklahoma City bombing scenario. They even reached back to liken the atmosphere to when JFK was assassinated.

Sedition is defined as any action, especially in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion(against the government). Joe Klein of Time magazine, decided to accuse many faces of conservatives of this, while conveniently omitting any part in the same- including himself, his own magazine, or even the talking head show he appeared on to make the statements.

The left seems to get amnesia when you bring up their behavior, during the Bush years. Their protests featured props depicting GW hanging in effigy. Democratic Presidential nominee John Kerry advocated “killing the bird at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.” in a Bill Maher interview.

This hypocrisy is rather aggravating. When a union, or civil rights group, or a minority group pickets on the White House lawn- its an exercise of their constitutional rights. However dare a clear opposition to big government rise up, suddenly its violence waiting to explode? Let any conservative face embrace them and they are fanning the flames?

I too am beside myself when it comes to disagreeing with the President. I mean immediately if you aren’t in lock step with him, you are labeled a racist. I know, I know the President is a man of color. Although I don’t think it has anything to do with the dissent, nor do I think it’s proper for the leftists in government, or in the media to push race into every single subject known to man because our President happens to not be white.

You mean that if you disagree with spending the nation into bankruptcy, your point has no merit, if the President is of color? To hear the left explain it, its purely being said cause the President is not white. It’s rather ridiculous; to have the media painting Tea Party goers as racist, and yet have the gall to proclaim the conservatives are “creating an environment”.

Folks, there is a stage being set here. The narrative is clear. The liberals fear the inevitable in November. They have no answer to the redress leveled by the Tea Party. So they have no choice to paint the Tea Party as racist, to group them into the fringe, associate them with terrorists; because they need to silence the movement. They are hoping and praying something-any tiny little piece of violence breaks out so they can pounce. That’s why this is pounded every single day. I would not be surprised if an incident not involving the Tea Party gets generically associated with the movement, to that end.

Nonetheless, there is clear evidence that mainstream America is rejecting the Obama agenda. The progressives thought it was ok to show their stripes, and they are again being rejected. Americans do not want their socialism. Patriots aren’t going to fire guns, they are going to fire politicians.

Not violent, not racist, just no longer silent. Remember November.

James blogs on his site at Argueing against big government outrage, and encouraging the restoration of the Republic.