America is sending this regime packing

By: Marie Jon'

The American people intend to send President Barack Obama packing in 2012.

The Obama regime is headed up by the most radical president America has ever had the misfortune to endure. It’s pretty much a given that Obama will be forced to depart after the “grassroots” converge on the ballot box this fall and two years hence. His elitist’s arrogance and lack of respect for the will of the American people cannot be tolerated any longer.

Citizens of the greatest country in the world are ready to do whatever they can these upcoming elections. We will vote every Democrat and RINO out of office.

As overwhelmed as we may feel by the destructive advance of Obama’s radical agenda, we will continue to do what is correct and just. We’re going to remove a man from the Oval Office who should have never been there in the first place.

Obama was a progressive Marxist way back before he ever appeared on the political scene. He’s now been totally exposed — and we don’t want what he’s been meting out to the American public. He has callously taken our country in the wrong direction — one patterned after what Marx pretentiously called “scientific socialism.”

Obama’s racial emphasis

There is nothing charming about an angry, bigoted racist who uses Social Justice to seek revenge against America’s past. We refuse to continue to be lumped into imaginary race problems of the retrograde world foisted upon us by the president and first lady.

America is an integrated society, intermingled by choice through marriage, healthy friendships, and personal relationships. Put the race card down, because it does not resonate with the truth Americans live every day. It is most unfortunate and sad that our very first black president continues to try to dismantle and destroy his own country because of the misguided worldview of his communist upbringing. Obama does not like or appreciate America’s greatness, which was founded upon the Judeo-Christian faith.

The Constitution is steeped in biblical precepts and premises. It’s unfortunate for us is that our own president finds our beginnings offensive. The changes he is pushing look nothing like our forefather’s American dream, or ours for that matter.

Some sanity, please!

Below are excerpts from “Obama Continues His Relentless Destruction of America,” by Sher Zieve:

“If it is a statement that cannot — or will not — be backed up with facts and We-the-People demand to see the proof, Obama & Co denigrate, malign, and call us ‘racists and terrorists.’ Specifically, if we demand to see Obama’s birth certificate (the real one — not the Photoshopped phony birth certificate that appears from time to time on the Internet), we are called ‘racist birthers.’

“Still, Obama is allowed to skirt the law and present any apparent piece of forgery he wants, while (in order to shame others into remaining silent) using the excuse of his half-white/half-black lineage. Isn’t that the true racism? And all the while, Obama & Co is working relentlessly to dissolve the United States of America — with, thus far, no one stopping him.

“If we disagree with Obama on issues of substance — for example, his obvious-to-those-with-working-eyes anti-job/anti-prosperity legislation — as does the thus far peaceful TEA Party movement, we are called extremists and DHS and the FBI are now watching those who protest against the Marxist Totalitarian ObamaGov. In order to silence any and all dissent against the now firmly despotic U.S. government, even the old leftie and former Prez Bill Clinton spoke out recently on the TEA Party movement’s anti-ObamaGovernment stance — comparing it to the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing. Now, that’s truly extreme!

“And, if we speak out against Obama’s pro-abortion commands — which include a baby’s murder even if the attempted abortion was botched and produced a viable living child — we are referred to as ‘Bible-toters’ and the child is to be left to die. Obama & Co continues its demands that ‘unwanted fetuses’ . . . be terminated — and quickly! Ending the Right to Life is essential toward destroying the USA.” Full Article

Americans who love their country and value their God-given freedoms will not allow Obama and the Democrats’ ill-thought-out policies to infringe on or hamper our constitutional rights. Goodness and justice for all will prevail. And as in the 60′s when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., led the civil rights moment, Americans of all nationalities and colors will take up the banner of freedom to preserve our way of life.

Chicago-style politics

We stand at the precipice of history once again and demand life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We must reject tyranny until it is finally laid to rest. Americans, repel the demeaning words of Hope and Change that were first presented to us in an impressive tone, but which eventually turned out to be dirty Chicago gangster politics, full of anger with an agenda of dishonesty and centralized control by a despot who happens to live in the White House.

Americans continue to raise their voices as we see whom and what we’re up against. It is difficult to get up each morning without being shocked to hear the tone and tenor emanating from the White House. Meanwhile, both the media and the Democrat Party are using strong-arm tactics to squelch their opponents among the American people.

Good, law-abiding citizens who attend rallies and marches to express their concerns are purposely demeaned and mocked. Their efforts are ignored. The leader of the most important country in the world feels perfectly comfortable when he belittles those who elected him to office.

‘Un-American’ activities

Something very odd and different is happening within our nation, and we feel it. Uncomfortable, unsettling emotions permeate the air. Most Americans are looking at their government with a wary eye.

The public are defiantly asking questions about many things. They are leery of the media, who refuse to report acts of violence against the Tea Party goers. It’s obvious the press prefer to laugh and ridicule them. Where were they when a black Tea Party attendee was verbally threatened and then physically beaten reportedly by SEIU union thugs last summer? The same question is being asked about a young couple who were savagely beaten after leaving a Republican Party fundraising dinner held for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal a week ago.

There was no ABC, CBS or any other alphabetical media coverage of the couple who were followed to their car and accosted by someone who was among a very angry hostile crowd that gathered outside the restaurant. Both are still recovering from the attack.

And what is going on when free speech is called seditious and treasonous by propagandists in the liberal media? Such outrageous accusations are hurled at Fox News, conservative talk show hosts, and Sarah Palin for taking the president and his policies to task. The allegations are out of line and extreme. The rhetoric used is bombastic and over the top and could, itself, be deemed un-American.

For their part, the president and his entire administration might be guilty of committing acts of treason by their un-American actions. America has become a more dangerous place to live. Obama’s foreign policies are nonsensical, and real homeland security is still lacking. Obama swore to uphold the Constitution, yet he repeatedly ignores and tramples it.

‘Where there is no vision, the people perish’

The general public understands that something is very wrong as an eerie darkness falls over our land. Nothing is normal anymore as jobs disappear and our country is in debt as never before.

These are very sad and perilous times we are living in. May God hold back the four winds of strife.

Keep the faith as we move forward. Put the Almighty into the equation and give your life over to Him. Love your family and friends. Tell them every day how important they are to you. Find your strength and comfort in the Lord. “These are the times that try men’s souls.” — Thomas Paine.

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