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April 25, 2010

An Analysis Of I Corinthians 15

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 25 Apr 2010

To religious progressives wanting to at least acknowledge the morality of Jesus without having to acknowledge His rightful place as the Lord of the their lives, the resurrection of the body is viewed as a disposable dogma more suited for …

The Ongoing Saga of the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 25 Apr 2010

In October 2001, crisis Magazine published an article, titled “The High Price of Priestly Pederasty,” by Dan Michalski. Reporting on publicly known cases of sex abuse by priests, Michalski summarized his findings:

The Left has Gone Maniacally Hysterical over Texas Teaching Authentic American History

The Leftists of this country are gnashing their teeth and writhing in spasms of ignorance over the proposed revising of the Texas social studies curriculum. They are dumbfounded that Texas has decided to dispose of the Left’s propagandized version of …