ALIPAC Celebrates Political Win for Americans in Arizona


Americans for Legal Immigration PAC commends Governor Brewer and the Arizona state assembly for the passage of SB 1070 into law as one of the toughest new tools to fight illegal immigration in America.

“The people of America have spoken and in the case of Arizona and SB 1070 the system is working,” said William Gheen of ALIPAC. “We want to thank all of the American activists working with us, who helped to bring this law into being.”

ALIPAC is a national leader in the effort to pass immigration enforcement legislation on the state level and has helped to pass immigration enforcement oriented legislation in over 30 states!

The group is also credited with helping to defeat state legislation that would offer taxpayer resources and benefits to illegal aliens such as licenses and in-state tuition in about 20 states.

“It is incumbent upon our state’s to protect the jobs, wages, health, taxes, and lives of American citizens, when Presidents fail to honor their oaths of office and Constitutional requirements to enforce the laws of Congress and protect all states from invasion,” said William Gheen. “Bush and now Obama refuse to secure our borders and adequately enforce our existing immigration laws, despite the mass casualties of innocent Americans each year.

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC’s supporters called Arizona lawmakers in support of SB 1070 and activists are now moving to encourage state legislators in all remaining states to file and pass similar versions of Arizona’s SB 1070.

“Today we have taken a great step forward to secure Arizona on behalf of the 70 to 80 percent of Americans who want these measures according to the certified polls,” said William Gheen. “Our immigration system is not broken. Our existing Federal laws go unenforced because big business owns our Presidents.”

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