Is Afghanistan Worth Our Effort When Our Boarders Aren’t

By: Ken Hughes

If Afghanistan isn’t worth the Afghans standing up and fighting to save it from the Taliban religious and political fanatics why are we there? In my opinion if this country is willing to commit troops to save a nation we should start here at home on Americas southern borders. There’s a drug war going on, on the US / Mexican border that’s far more damming to Americas security than what’s going on in Afghanistan. No nation is history has ever won a war in Afghanistan. Afghans are a tribal society, thousands of years and hundreds of attempts haven’t been able to make a dent in Afghan tribal politics nor will any foreign nation ever make a difference. It’s time to admit failure as Alexander the Great did and withdraw from an impossible situation that’s only accomplishment is giving credibility to The Taliban and Al Qaeda as defenders of a homeland. True of false that’s the prevailing headline around the Muslim World.

There’s a mindset in the nation’s capital that if an idea doesn’t originate in Washington it isn’t an idea it’s a conspiracy. The state of Arizona legislature has just come up with a draconian law that makes it illegal for anyone to cross the Arizona / Mexican border illegally. I say draconian because that’s what the critics of the law are calling it. These politically correct cry babies seem to forget today’s Mojado / Coyote isn’t just a worker looking to improve his / her economic status they are also drug mules working for the drug lords of Mexico.

If I may suggest the following, the United States homeland security adopts Arizona’s draconian immigration policies and fires Jeanette Napolitano replacing her with Mariposa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to whom political correctness are words at the bottom of a Phoenix Arizona landfill. It’s time for the politically correct cry babies to stop crying and wake up to the reality given the nature of mankind things will never be what they would like them to be. The time has come to kick butt take and names then face the reality America has a serious problem on its southern border. When Mexico dispatched its army to the boarder America should have acted in kind. The Mexican Army is more of a facilitator to the drug dealers than a curtailment, corruption runs rampant in every segment of Mexican authority army, police and national and local governments, Moridida bribery is the coin of the realm along the Mexican Border.

When politicians avoid the real problems facing the nation in favor of things perceived to be problematic for the sake of politics it runs the risk of bringing down the good to the level of the unacceptable. Man is judged on the bases of his / her possessions, this holds true in every society on earth it’s one of mankind’s natural instincts. Guilt is another of mankind’s natural instincts compassion is often the painkiller that suppresses guilt. Now that economic conditions have moved voluntary contributions for the underachievers down the list of necessities liberals are working even harder to fleece the public any way they can. After all it’s the underachievers and the nonproductive who are the corp. supporters of liberal politics.

A few years ago Mexican Nationals came to this country for jobs and a better opportunity for their children. Today they come for survival as Mexico falls deeper into a drug culture that’s sweeping their country destroying the peasant class. Liberalizing drug laws in this country isn’t going to end the violence it will only move it deeper into America as competition for the drug markets grow.

Will Mexico become another Venezuela that now has Iranian Special Forces in their country to put down any possible revolution the Venezuelan Army may mount [I’m sorry the main stream media hasn’t reported this information yet. This factual data is available on Google if anyone doubts me.] Many of the western hemisphere countries are looking for more stable associate nations now that Obamanomics is beginning to be better understood around the world. If America continues on the same course it’s been on this past year by 2012 it won’t be in any better shape than any of the third world countries it’s been supporting for decades.

Normally the economic conditions of this country are due to the actions of congress more than those of a president. Presidents request congress approves after a great deal of restructuring. The Obama administration is an exception when Obama snaps his fingers the 111th congress falls in line. Everyone knows what happened with the health care bill and how it was so important no one was allowed to read and understand it. The same rush will be put on the pending immigration bill. It needs to pass before November to assure votes of the new citizens will qualify to vote Democratic. There is nothing in the Obama agenda that relates to Middle America, it’s all about redistribution of assets, taking from producers and giving to non-producers. The myth African slaves built America is pure hog wash. There was more to the creation of this great nation than all the cotton ever picked in the south.

Civil Rights leaders are responsible for holding underachievers and minorities down by promoting government handouts over self motivation and self promotion. This is not to single out any one group of minorities, it applies to all black, brown, yellow or white who think they deserve a free ride for any reason, [they don’t.] This particularly applies to those who cross our boarders illegally for any reason regardless where they come from. Those politically correct individuals are the pseudo intellectuals who aren’t worried an illegal will come and take their job or infringe on their lifestyle. They can afford their compassion as long as there is no cost to them as community organizers they are the parasites who prey on the poor while hammering the middle class. Illegal Hispanic immigrants are the most vulnerable these days making them easy targets for social extortion.

Make no mistake America’s southern border is becoming a national problem. If allowed to go unchecked it will eventually become totally unmanageable. The nation needs to follow Arizonians lead in curbing illegal immigration. Vote conservative in November to get back to the America we all loved.