Arizona’s 70% Approval May Not Be Enough

By: Ken Hughes

Should Obama decide to federalize all immigration laws the 70 % approval by all Arizonians will not be strong enough for their new law to be enforced. Obama’s opposition to the law violates the tenth amendment to the constitution. What the hell the constitution is out dated anyway or so say liberals. Presidents and law makers take oaths and swear to uphold the constitution then sneak around trying to find ways of avoiding its rules. Ideas emanating from Washington are to be viewed as monumental ideas from outside Washington are nothing less than a full blown conspiracies. We’ve heard these same views / tactics before when tyrants take over governments. Ever dictator in history has assumed their power with the promise of improving the lives of the countries less affluent citizens. The facts are they divide the nation then sit above the divide and watch the outcome like Nero watching the Lyons devour Christians at the Roman Coliseum.

We don’t hear much about the two Americas made popular by the left during the Bush administration. Perhaps that’s because Obama policy is driving the country to a single poverty ridden America. No president in the history of this nation has divided the country as Obama has. Through unconstitutional executive order he manages to take over the management two thirds of domestic automobile industry, he throws half of that under the bus to be salvaged by a foreign company. Under the direction of Obamanistas GM [aka] Government Motors has attacked GMs largest competitor Toyota costing them billions of dollars in defense of the alleged allegations that shouldn’t have been settled in the media. The Obama governments attack on a Japanese Auto Manufacture is second only to the bombing of Hiroshima in WWII.

The Obamanistas don’t stop there they’ve begun a campaign against every industry and institution in America remotely engaged in the practice of capitalism. Obama bailed out the big banks and allowed the small banks to fail. Now Obama is going after Wall Street and giving the two largest culprits who caused the economic meltdown Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac a pass. Not even God has been able to make sense out of the thousands of pages that went into the so called heath care legislation. Like Nero Obama fiddles while America burns up in debt.

Obama is not what he’s been depicted he isn’t a gifted communicator nor is he a gifted speaker. He certainly isn’t an administrator what he is, is a perpetual campaigner. Obama has never made a promise he couldn’t ignore or a truth he couldn’t manipulate. Obama is a master at finding enemy’s to cover his own failures. The division between the Obama supporters and Obama’s dissenters is rapidly moving past the midway point into the dissent column. If the 2012 elections were held today Bart Simpson would probably have a better chance at becoming president than Barack Obama.

There’s a bubble around the president and congress that prevents reality from entering. Normally when thousands of concerned citizens gather to voice their opposition to government policy they aren’t dismissed as radicals. It took the War for Independence and 12 years for concerns of American citizens to sink into the British mindset, Obama doesn’t have 12 years. The left can say what they like and call the gathering of citizens what they like in the end the voices of the voters will be the voice heard at the ballot box in November and all the Novembers to come. The only accomplishment Obama can take credit for is waking up sleeping American citizens to the fact their government under the control of liberals are screwing them out of their heritage.

I have long been of the opinion that many of those coming out of Harvard with J.D. [law] degrees would have flunked economics, business or government in any community college in the country. It’s only my opinion but I think Lawyers should be prohibited from entering public office.

There’s no question the makeup of congress will shift after the November midterm elections, which party will be in charge is the question. If Republicans gain control of either or both houses of congress they better be prepared to change the way they’ve preformed in the past. The original Tea Party mentality didn’t fade away with the winning of the Revolutionary War. It took years for the public to have any degree of trust in the government. It will take years for the public to regain trust in either political party trust is earned not given.

If not held in check at the pace Obama is moving he will soon have every industry and institution in this country under government control or destroyed. This degree of executive power hasn’t been exerted since Andrew Jackson was president. We must wonder what kind of a mindset Obama has that he doesn’t understand the people of this country aren’t buying what he’s selling. It’s obvious Barack Obama has never studied the history of tyrants, what he’s forcing on the American people boarders on being tyrannical. This country has always been about individual freedoms, something so imbedded in the American lifestyle it can’t be changed, nor should it be. Let’s hope it’s a long time before another prefabricated rock star is put up for president. Obama’s biggest worry is he knows he’s a paranoid psycho in fear of being found out.

Getting back to the new Arizona law requiring legal documentation to enter the state from Mexico, it is not raciest in any way. It applies equally to Caucasians and other races as well as Hispanics. It just happens Hispanics comprise the majority of the illegal entry into this country over the southern border. There’s no way to write a law that exempts skin tone from enforcement nor should it. Politically correct cry babies make far too much out of racial and ethnic profiling and not enough attention is paid to the law breakers. Rather than look for salutations whiners look for causes and excuses.

In November 2010 and 2012 let’s hope the voters give Obama, Reid and Pelosi the honest transparent government they promised America by voting them out of office.