Belittling The Right Isn’t A Strategy It’s An Obsession

By: Ken Hughes

While the American voter is growing up politically, those they vote for aren’t. They’re still prone to using the same outdated rhetoric of trash politics they’ve been using for years. The worst offender of trashing political opponents is the media who act as the messenger. Each morning the media reports as news the talking points prepared by the night shifts of congress and the Whitehouse. Twenty years ago the media was all the public had for gaining information, today there’s the Internet, Talk Radio and Fox Cable News leading the information parade. They have given the public an opportunity to learn all sides of every issue. Unfortunately the Washington establishment and the mainstream media haven’t caught on yet to what’s happening all around them. The unbiased truth is now available for all to see and hear. This doesn’t mean either the right or the left are correct 100 % of the time. It means the public has the information to determine the facts as they see them for themselves.

We have Barak Obama to thank for this new wave of patriotism crossing America, [aka] The Tea Party Movement. Once Obama began to promote his open hostility for all things American with lies and distortion designed to influence congressional legislation the 800 pound Gorilla known as public opinion [TPM] came out of hibernation and began to make a difference. When Obama was campaigning and said he intended to change America no one envisioned he intended to put all the old traditions that made the country great through a sausage grinder. A logical conclusion was before Obama started to remake something that wasn’t to his liking that he ask the owners for their thoughts. That didn’t happen and liberal congress persons where so memorized by the Obama propaganda they fell into lock step with the new president and his Pollyanna Politics. Fortunately most congress persons have seen the light and are working to dig their way out of the hole they put themselves in. Those who haven’t mended their ways will be pulled out of the hole kicking and screaming to be discarded after the midterm 2010 November elections.

There are radicals on both sides of the political spectrum, that doesn’t mean one size fits all. I don’t care if Obama was born in the USA or not. Our first half dozen presidents were born Englishman. Berry Goldwater who ran for president was born in the Arizona territory that hadn’t become a state at the time. George Romany Sr. who ran for president was born in a Mormon religious community in Mexico. John McCain was born on a naval base in Panama. John Kerry spent most of his youth in France living with relatives. Bill Richardson who has often been suggested as a presidential candidate is of Mexican Parents who made sure he would be born in the USA and then returned him to Mexico. Who a person is should be the criteria for public office not where they were born. What’s important in Obama case is he spent his youth being raised by his grandparents as a recipient of the welfare system. Obama was raised to believe the moral standards of the majority were somehow flawed. To realize he was an abandoned child left as a burden on society must have had a negative influence on his thinking, especially someone with his enormous ego. What’s the old adage We change the things we can, accept those things we can’t and lie about the rest.

I can’t accept Obama for Obama’s sake, I’m convinced those same
Obamanistas who created this abomination of a president aren’t still programming his Teleprompters. I can’t accept Obama is smart enough nor has an attention span long enough to mastermind the negative rhetoric coming from his administration and the Democratic Party. Obama started his presidency with a new enemy every week, and then it went to every day now that his popularity is waning its come down to several a day in fact almost hourly. Something many people have noticed about Obama is when he’s unsure of his position on any issue he kicks it into high gear puts the piddle to the metal and tries to bull his way through regardless of the obvious consequences. It’s as if Obama is deathly afraid of being caught wrong about anything, that’s the closest explanation for paranoia anyone can find anywhere.

I have a theory and it’s only a theory I have no facts to base it on. My theory is sometime in 2012 when the DNC has turned it’s back on Obama and instead are supporting an new presidential candidate Obama will toss the keys to the Oval Office to Joe Biden and walk away. I base this on Obama’s temperament and his enormous ego that doesn’t allow for descent or compromise. Obama’s natural instincts are that of a nasty person, one who only see the glass as less than half full. On more than one occasion we’ve seen his facial features go from playacting to vindictive at the mention of some question he doesn’t have a rehearsed answer for.

Barack Obama missed his calling He should have been a Shakespearian Actor. He would have been a natural playing the part of Othello. As a president he sucks.

The road out of this Obama mess is by way of the ballot box and a conservative vote. Don’t let this opportunity pass us by.


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