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April 26, 2010

ALIPAC Celebrates Political Win for Americans in Arizona

Filed under: Immigration - 26 Apr 2010

Americans for Legal Immigration PAC commends Governor Brewer and the Arizona state assembly for the passage of SB 1070 into law as one of the toughest new tools to fight illegal immigration in America.

Barack Obama: Another Grasp at the Crown?

Filed under: Politics In General - 26 Apr 2010

We here in the United States have long since separated ourselves from our former position as a colony of England. In doing so it would seem that our people’s direct interaction with a king as our designated sovereign would be …

Is Afghanistan Worth Our Effort When Our Boarders Aren’t

Filed under: Immigration - 26 Apr 2010

If Afghanistan isn’t worth the Afghans standing up and fighting to save it from the Taliban religious and political fanatics why are we there? In my opinion if this country is willing to commit troops to save a nation we …

Obama threatens Arizona with Justice Department investigation

Filed under: Featured Conservative,Immigration - 26 Apr 2010

On Friday, President Barack Obama revealed his disdain for a new law in Arizona that would require police in the state that borders Mexico to determine if people are in the United States illegally.

April 25, 2010

An Analysis Of I Corinthians 15

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 25 Apr 2010

To religious progressives wanting to at least acknowledge the morality of Jesus without having to acknowledge His rightful place as the Lord of the their lives, the resurrection of the body is viewed as a disposable dogma more suited for …

The Ongoing Saga of the Priest Sex Abuse Scandal

Filed under: Religion & Faith - 25 Apr 2010

In October 2001, crisis Magazine published an article, titled “The High Price of Priestly Pederasty,” by Dan Michalski. Reporting on publicly known cases of sex abuse by priests, Michalski summarized his findings:

The Left has Gone Maniacally Hysterical over Texas Teaching Authentic American History

The Leftists of this country are gnashing their teeth and writhing in spasms of ignorance over the proposed revising of the Texas social studies curriculum. They are dumbfounded that Texas has decided to dispose of the Left’s propagandized version of …

April 24, 2010

America is sending this regime packing

Filed under: Politics In General - 24 Apr 2010

The American people intend to send President Barack Obama packing in 2012.

The Obama regime is headed up by the most radical president America has ever had the misfortune to endure. It’s pretty much a given that Obama will be forced …

The Real Definition of Sedition That Liberals Don’t Want You To Know

Watch out all you who dare to speak up against our government in Washington as those at the reins of power are snatching up every last bit of control they can! You are the dangerous ones. Worse yet …

Palestine – Obama Won’t Become Israel’s Embalmer

Filed under: Foreign Countries & Policy - 24 Apr 2010

Speculation is rife that a far-reaching shift is taking place in how the United States views the Jewish-Arab conflict – and how aggressively America might push for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The Provocateur-in-Chief

President Barrack Obama seems to relish making provocative statements and generally antagonizing his opposition. Whether it’s out of habit as a community organizer, or just a major character flaw, this president can’t seem to hold his tongue.

April 23, 2010

Fort Hood Cover Up Denied by Secretary Gates

Filed under: American Military,In The News,War On Terror - 23 Apr 2010

A ranking US congressman said that he is concerned that President Barack Obama and his administration is being less than forthcoming with details of the Fort Hood Massacre and is withholding requested information.

More Bailouts, More Regulations, More Government: Obama’s Chump Change

Filed under: Economics,Liberalism, Marxism & Communism - 23 Apr 2010

by: David Singhiser

Obama’s economic team seems to confirm at first glance that all his talk of “change” really means more of the same – “more bailouts, more government intervention, more addressing symptoms rather than causes – along with greater deficits, …

Blacks, the Media & the Tea Parties

I am exhausted. I returned home after performing at tea parties in 42 cities from Searchlight, NV to Washington DC in 19 days while on Tea Party Express III tour. I’m black conservative singer/songwriter, entertainer, author and spokesperson Lloyd Marcus.
I …

April 22, 2010

Not violent, not racist- Just no longer silent.

By: James B.

So now people who oppose the left in this country are practicing sedition? I mean associating everyone in dissent as racist, bigoted and violent wasn’t enough? No, we have the left even harking the Tea Party as an …

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