Liberals Run Amok

By: Craig Chamberlain

You’d think we’d learn. Time and time again the Democratic party has demonstrated on thing, it can’t be trusted with power. Whenever they achieve it they abuse their authority to such an appalling extent that by the time they get kicked out of office it’s impossible to make heads or tails of all the things they’ve done.

The Democratic party believes, and has always believed in punishing it’s enemies, real or imagined. Forget Nixon and his enemies list, it’s the party of Jefferson, Jackson, and Clinton that is controlled by paranoia. President Obama is no different in this regard. Everything Obama has done, in his time in office, has been done to beat his opponents into submission. Obamacare was passed to put Pharmaceutical companies in their place, and the new financial regulation bill is all about slaying that greatest of Democratic bogeymen, Wall Street.

The Democratic myth goes something like this: There are the forces of darkness(that would be big corporations, and their evil lackeys in the GOP) and the forces of light and truth. Wall street is evil, irredeemably so. It’s out to lie, cheat, and steal from honest hard working Americans. And the only thing standing in the way of every American being kicked out on the streets by the evil corporate types are the enlightened souls that make up the Democratic party. If you believe one word of that to be true, I recommend that you check yourself into the psych ward right now, the doctors might be able to prescribe something for you.

The truth is that a thriving wall street is necessary for a healthy economy. Yet no group is so misunderstood, so maligned, as the investor and the corporations. They are the generators of jobs and wealth, and instead of encouraging that growth, our political class does everything it can to put it in a cage.

It’s a purely political witch hunt. The Democrats go after Wall Street, not because Wall Street and the GOP are allies( in fact Wall Street gives far more money and support to the Democrats than they do to the Republicans) but because the Democrats can score cheap and easy political points with their leftwing base by going on the offensive. Labor unions, who, let’s be honest, are for more greedy and corrupt than any corporate executive in an Oliver Stone movie could ever be love class warfare because they think it will put more money in their coffers.

The left, with its hatred of capitalism, because it is all about not having government control, has declared jihad on Wall Street. And since the Democratic party is beholden, entirely so, to the leftwing of the party they do whatever they want them to do.

Let’s try to wrap our brain around their logic. A party made up almost entirely of socialists, believes that it can take control of the capitalist system(a system that it thinks is evil) and make it work from Washington. Of course they think the same thing about everything else. Under the current bill being pushed by Dodd and his socialist goon squad, the secretary of the treasury will be allowed to take over, and nationalize, any financial institution that they feel that they have to.

Who’s abusing their power? The capitalist system that can’t make you do anything, or the government that can force itself on everyone and anything it wants to? Banks can’t make you do business with them, corporations can’t make you buy their products. Force is all the government has and it has shown that it is more than willing to use it.

Democrats insist that it was deregulation that led to the current financial problems. In reality all we have done is pile regulation on top of regulation. Washington, in all of it’s glorious wisdom, insists that it can control something as complex, and important as the capitalist system when it can’t run the post office for a profit, and they have a monopoly. What’s next five year plans.

The GOP is right to oppose this bill. The Democrats, since taking office, are running wild. Going after anyone that stands in the way of their left wing agenda, and trying to put them under the control of Washington so that their can be no opposition or resistance. Their is no constitutional right to take control of the financial systems, and even less economic sense. The Republicans need to stay united. We’ve already given too much to Washington, we can’t afford to let them take anymore.

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