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May 3, 2010

Mayday Mayday Mayday This is the USA

Filed under: Immigration,Politically Incorrect Reality - 03 May 2010

Today the illegal aliens and their supporters plan to march flagrantly in our streets, without fear of any significant immigration enforcement in America. America has no immigration enforcement credibility and that is why illegal immigration is happening.

Dr. Scholl’s to Sponsor “Anti-AZ Border Crossing” event

Filed under: Immigration - 03 May 2010

Mexico President Felipe Calderon has obtained sponsorship from Dr. Scholl’s for the inaugural “Are you Gellin? – Anti-Arizona Border Crossing” event.”

Clean House

Politics reminds me of tornados… noisy, huge, dark… whirling bits of things… coming fast. What to do? Stand there until it overtakes and destroys everything in its path… including you? That’s dumb and disastrous. It’s smarter to take cover until …