Clean House

By: Patti Bankson

Politics reminds me of tornados… noisy, huge, dark… whirling bits of things… coming fast. What to do? Stand there until it overtakes and destroys everything in its path… including you? That’s dumb and disastrous. It’s smarter to take cover until it’s over; until you’re safe.

However, being overtaken by, or hiding out in, a political tornado can be dumb and disastrous, too. You could emerge into horrendous destruction. Like we have right now. You might be better off in the middle of it… one of those whirling bits of things. You might end up scraped, cut and bruised, but at least you fought the fight… survived. Strong and smart enough to make your own decisions, and run your own life.

Maybe a tornado’s not the best analogy, because it’s so big. And what’s happening now started out small. A little decision made for you here… another little decision there. Another and another and… another.

Remember the bill that, if passed, would mandate no food sold to the public in NYC could contain salt? Well, on the Left Coast, in Santa Clara County, CA, children won’t be getting toys in their Happy Meals… unless they choose the Happy Meal that’s healthier; less fat, salt… less taste. When the nutritionist delivering that happy message was questioned about the government taking over the parents’ job, she said something about the parents, obviously, not doing a good enough job. Wow. Just another one of those small decisions taken off your hands. One less thing for you to worry about, and the government is happy to do for you.

But, have you noticed that the government is so busy micro-managing our personal lives… doing our jobs that they aren’t able to do their own? Like protect our border? The people of Arizona got tired of waiting for that job to get done by the Feds, so their governor, Jan Brewer, has taken it on. How “funny” is it that D.C. didn’t think it was very important when she wrote them letter after letter asking for help? It only became important when she did her job, signed an immigration law, for which the federal government is suing her. And, of course, the ACLU and Al Sharpton, etc., are sniffing around looking for a little publicity and money. I mean, really… how dare those people in Arizona try to make it illegal for illegal immigrants to live there illegally? After all, it’s not like one of Arizona’s cities… like, say, Phoenix… is the “Kidnap Capital” of the world, or something. No, that would be, Bogota, Colombia. Phoenix is only #2! That’s true. So, what are Arizonans so upset about? Honestly, don’t they realize that the President and his posse have bigger things on their minds? Like increasing the size of our government and growing our debt? That’s really important… after all, we can’t let some foreign upstart like Greece increase their debt from 50% of their GDP to 100%, while we’ve only increased ours from 50% of GDP to 75%. How unglobal of us. Who do we think we are… America? Well… yeah. But, maybe, only for a little while longer. Unless We, the People… that’s you and I… clean house in November. While we’re at it… let’s clean the Senate, too.

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