Dr. Scholl’s to Sponsor “Anti-AZ Border Crossing” event

By: Neil Braithwaite

Mexico President Felipe Calderon has obtained sponsorship from Dr. Scholl’s for the inaugural “Are you Gellin? – Anti-Arizona Border Crossing” event.”

In response to Arizona’s newly signed immigration law, orders went out from President Calderon to all Mexican citizens to discontinue use of the Arizona border as a “crossing point.”

Since then, Dr. Scholl’s has gotten on board with the government of Mexico as a sponsor for the “Are you Gellin? – Anti-Arizona Border Crossing” event in an effort to provide “Outrageous comfort and support with massaging gel” for those extra long walks around the Arizona border to either California, New Mexico or Texas.

President Calderon said he was glad to have the support of Dr. Scholl’s because Arizona’s recent decision to become “Anti-Illegal immigrant” puts such a taxing burden on the feet of his citizens. The President went on to say that because of Arizona’s selfish decision, citizens now fleeing his foundering country will have to travel many extra miles either east to New Mexico and Texas, or west to California – and that journey will be quite hard on their feet.

The President was also concerned that the drug cartels would have to pass on any increase in smuggling costs to the consumer. Pointing out that any extra time and distance could push the cost of a reputable “coyote” up as much as 50%. President Calderon hopes the Dr. Scholl’s sponsorship will help offset any extra costs to his exiting citizens.

When asked by the Mexican press about his decision to boycott Arizona, President Calderon said “Viva la Dr. Scholl’s.” He also pointed out that the three remaining Border States are more “user friendly” to Mexico’s ongoing uninvited guest worker program with the United States.

In a bold move of solidarity, President Obama pledged his full support to President Calderon by sending Rev. Al Sharpton as an emissary to march with a group of Mexican nationals in the upcoming inaugural anti-Arizona border crossing event.

When asked about his trip to Mexico and pending long march to the American border, the Rev. Sharpton’s only response was, “Are you gellin?”

Neil Braithwaite writes political commentary and satire and is a regular contributor to AmericanThinker.com and PoliticalDerby.com.