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(May 1st 2010)

Today the illegal aliens and their supporters plan to march flagrantly in our streets, without fear of any significant immigration enforcement in America. America has no immigration enforcement credibility and that is why illegal immigration is happening.

In fact, the Los Angeles Police Department has already issued a press release to assure illegal aliens they can stand in our streets and make demands of us and our government without the slightest concern that their immigration status will be checked.

Things have been moving so rapidly on the issue of illegal immigration and here at ALIPAC we have not told you yet about the large number of new supporters who have come in and continue to flood in!

Both sides of this debate are very angry right now, but the illegal aliens know they are losing ground after the passage of Arizona’s SB 1070. The side that is losing is more likely to resort to further illegal actions like we recently saw in Arizona, where the illegals and their supporters attacked Americans and police officers in a riot.

With the tragic news breaking out of Arizona that another police officer has been shot by illegal aliens, our opponents are in even deeper hot water.

Arizona Sheriff’s deputy shot by suspected illegal immigrant!

The illegal aliens and their supporters in the national media, and in the Department of Homeland Security, are hoping that some American gets too angry and loses his composure. This is one of the few things that could stop our momentum and give the illegals the upper hand. Remember the rules folks! Illegal aliens can riot and make genocidal statements against Americans and it will be concealed by the national media. If an American breaks the law, says something untoward towards the illegals, or engages in any hostility it will become a huge national story designed to help them pass amnesty.

We would like each of you to monitor your local situation, local news casts, and police scanners to keep watch.

If the illegal aliens start to riot or attack police officers again, like they did last week and back on May 1, 2006 in Los Angles, Vista, and Santa Anna, CA (Media censored that story too), we want to be the first to know so we can confirm and ALERT our ALIPAC supporters nationwide.

Please use this activism tracking link to report any concerns and to help our national network monitor the protests.

May 1, 2010 protest tracking link…

Here is a list of cities and locations where the illegals plan to muster today

Since we have so many new supporters, we want to bring two very important items to your attention from past illegal alien marches.

Here is the infamous incident outside of Montebello High School, where the illegals and their supported raised the Mexican flag above the inverted American flag.

Here are some of our videos showing the TRUE NATURE of this invasion.

Illegals and supporters take down American flag in Maywood, CA (Aug. 26, 2006)

(Extended footage)

Illegals riot in MacArthur Park May 1, 2007

Illegal immigration supporters abuse American flags Dallas May 1, 2007

You can also help us today by forwarding this information to others and helping ALIPAC get more people to sign up for our email alerts at

The large illegal alien marches of May 2006 were fully broadcasted to the American public on TV and there was a huge public backlash against the marches that helped us defeat Amnesty legislation in 2006 and 2007.

Please help our effort by being ready to gather up Americans who react to these protests and direct them to us with encouragements for them to sign up and get involved in our struggle against Amnesty and illegal immigration.


William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team