Protests Are Meaningless and Damaging

By: Ken Hughes

How many of those protesting against the new Arizona immigration laws are actually in this country illegally and how many are just rabble rousers trying to make a statement about facts then don’t understand? Protesting is one of this nation’s greatest gifts second only to the public’s right to question the validity of the protest. Not all protests are actually about the issue being protested. The protests against the Arizona law are bogus to say the least; outright lies would be more appropriate. The Arizona law mirrors federal laws that aren’t being enforced. Every precaution was taken to assure all racial profiling was deliberately excluded in the new Arizona law. There is no intention of requiring any Hispanic to produce identification any more than any Anglo is now. Every citizen regardless of color is frequently required to produce identification for everything from checking out a book at the library to cashing a check or entering a Federal building. Is it profiling for Universities to require all students to carry identification stating their residence and nationality? The government has no problem being intrusive into the personal information of every citizen, who’s protesting that?

The hypocrisy practiced by the left never ceases to amaze me. It’s only my personal opinion but I think this whole protest mentality is orchestrated from the basement of the Whitehouse by the Obama teleprompter engineers. Obama says go get-em Bruno and his personal Pit Bulls go after the first thing they see. My justification for this opinion is how rapidly the opposition shows up with a myriad of objections to every crisis. The lefts talking points seem to all be prefabricated indexed and sitting on a shelf waiting to be used.

Who will suffer most from these ill advised protests, boycotting Arizona Ice Tea [made in Brooklyn New York] isn’t going to do much damage to Arizona but the backlash will cost hundreds of legal Hispanic business persons thousands of dollars. The Mojado can disappear into the desert from where they came, the Tejanos with citizenship and strong ties to the community only have the protesters to fear. When the protests run their course and the protesters move on to other issues the ill feelings brought on by their actions will harm relations between Anglos and Hispanics for a long period before trust comes back into their respective communities. How many Mexican owned businesses will close because of these protests, how many legal Mexicans will lose jobs? There’s a price to pay that won’t be paid by the protesters. These protests could cause many Tejanos to vote Republican. Most of the legal Hispanics I know are in favor of boarder control and legal immigration.

Nearly two hundred years ago the Mexican government had a hard time controlling Anglos crossing into Mexico [the same areas in dispute now] taking jobs and disrupting the culture. There is a solution to the problem, give the Southwest back to Mexico and ask for the $ 11 million the US paid for it to be returned, somehow that doesn’t seem to be a good idea. That Homeland Security babe Jeannette Napolitano says there isn’t a problem; that fewer illegals are crossing the border than last year. Assuming that’s true the incidents of violence have tippled in the past year. To allow Mexicans political asylum wouldn’t be politically correct so instead the government turns a blind eye and a deft ear ignoring what the states must endure. States like Arizona are finally standing up to what the federal government won’t.

For the past twenty-five years this country has been rolling down hill due to the liberal influence of a congress with their feet imbedded in concrete unable to be replaced. Normally the boss We the People make the rules of employment, congress is the exception they make their own rules. They get away with this by robbing the overachiever Peter to subsidize the underachiever Paul and sell it as compassion.

Mexico’s benefit programs are for the upper class. Mexico has a very liberal health care system, however only the elite qualify for benefits. Los pobres no estarán the poor need not apply. Given the class structure in many of the Hispanic countries in South and Central America its little wonder more don’t come to America for security and salvation. There’s a big signboard [The Statue of Liberty] in the harbor of New York City inviting all those who feel persecuted to come to America for a better life there’s no mention of needing any documentation. It’s hard for others to listen to Americans brag about being immigrants and then be denied the privilege of immigration. Maybe it’s time to melt the Statue of Liberty down and make copper coins out of her.

I am by no means pro-illegal immigration. However having traveled much of the world I understand the image many Americans give when visiting a foreign country. Foreigners see Americans as rich arrogant and spoiled because many who travel are rich arrogant and spoiled. Having lived my formative years as an expatriate I have the privilege of seeing both sides of the issue of what it is to be a citizen and what it is to be an immigrant. Believe me when I say American citizenship is worth any price including death. These Haitians, Cubans and Hispanics who come to America illegally have no expectations of being picked up at the boarder in a limousine and shuttled of to government housing, they are well aware of the 50 / 50 risk they’re taking and still they come, that’s a determination few Americans have.

These protests are a precursor for the coming immigration bill congress, with the backing of the president is proposing. The Tea Party gatherings are vilified as violent when there hasn’t been a single incident of valance at the thousands that have been held. The co called Hispanic protests are very violent and the violence is being justified even though none of the protesters knows what they’re protesting about. The left is using violence to supposedly prevent violence that makes about as much sense as liberalism its self. The very men and women [congress] who created the off balance immigration policies are now telling us they can resolve it with a simple amnesty program. For as much as I admired Ronald Reagan his 1986 amnesty program only made things worse not better. Americans can’t be facilitators and regulators at the same time and expect to be believed, that’s an oxymoron. Legalize all illegal immigrants and in two years there will be ten million more illegal immigrants demanding amnesty.

The way out of the muck and mire of Obamanista Politics is at the voting booth. It’s time the voters cleaned up Washington.