Will Obama suspend other domestic policy ‘disasters?’

By: Neil Braithwaite

In the wake of the recent oil rig disaster off the gulf coast, President Obama suspended all new domestic drilling.

President Obama said the reason for the suspension of drilling was to investigate what caused the oil rig disaster and determine a more “responsible” way to move forward, including providing “safeguards” to prevent future disasters.

The majority of Americans would agree with President Obama’s policy regarding this disaster.

The majority of Americans would also agree that President Obama should be consistent and use the same policy principles of responsibility and safeguards regarding any legislation.

Following those policy principles, President Obama should have no problem suspending any proposed legislation or newly passed laws that may prove potentially disastrous to America’s economy and its citizens.

If all President Obama’s policies are truly grounded in the principles of responsibility and safeguards, he should immediately suspend TARP, the Stimulus Bill, the Jobs Bill, the Health Care Bill and proposed legislation including; Cap and Trade, Immigration and Financial Regulation Reform, until a full assessment of each bill and pending legislation can determine if they prove to be fully responsible and will provide adequate safeguards against any future harm to America’s economy and its citizens.

Neil Braithwaite writes political commentary and satire and is a regular contributor to PoliticalDerby.com.