Pelosi to Obama, “You’re Messing With The Wrong Girl”

By: Ken Hughes

Nancy Pelosi has informed the White House in no uncertain terms that Obama better back off the trash talk directed at congress. Obama has a problem especially when he’s out there with no teleprompter and no ear bug telling him what to say he has a tendency to shoot from the lip. There’s a flaw in Obama’s character that’s dogged him every day of his life. He can’t accept even the most miniscule responsibility for things that don’t go as he’s planned. Obama is constantly saying he accepts responsibility and in the next breath blames someone else for what ever it was he was taking responsibility for. This weeks target seems to be the Congress of the United States the last people in the world Obama wants to insult if he ever intends to get anything done. What we know about congress is they’re prima-donnas with thin skins. Congress isn’t likely to be as forgiving as some of the other instructions and people Obama has raked over the coals this past year.

It’s been suggested by some of Obama’s harsher critics he may be out to destroy not only the American way of life but the Democratic and Republican Parties as well. Could it be Obama has this misguided opinion he’s above all politics and the majority of the American people will back him up? Is it Obama’s strategy to have voters clean out the old incumbent congress and replace them with a new group more in tune with his beliefs? I don’t think Obama has either the intellect or the ability to carry off such a plan. Obama wasn’t raised in the real world where logic is king he spent his formative years in a socialist oriented society where a commitment to principles was never part of his lifestyle. Obama sees the world as a bee hive where there are soldier bees, worker bees and the privileged bees who don’t work instead they live off the efforts of others and spend their days placating the Queen Bee servicing her needs.

Obama and Karle Marx had some things in common, Wealth was to be distributed according to each person’s needs. In an Obama society it will be up to a government bureaucracy to determine individual needs. Only the Obamanistas will be allowed to determine who the givers and the takers will be.

Shortly after the inauguration in January 2009 I predicted one day these two Divas, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama would meet on the field of battle to determine supremacy and it appears that day has come. It seems Pelosi is upset Obama is blaming congress as a whole and not just Republicans for the ills congresses policies has brought on the country this past year. There are rumblings of discontent for Obama, Pelosi and Reid at the higher levels of the Democratic Party. When the bricks start falling it isn’t long before the whole house comes tumbling down. This is the position many Democrats fear their party is in. When Obama spoke this past Saturday at the University of Michigan Commencement Exorcises and blamed congress for not being able to get around what he refers to as organized opposition to some of his programs he made an ass of himself Obama doesn’t get it Democrats only won a majority not the whole pie. Political opposition is as American as apple pie decent and compromise are at the very foundation of the American political system.

Obama is known for distorting facts such as taking the Supreme Court to task for overturning the McCain-Feingold campaign contribution legislation suggesting the court had somehow over turned decades of law by doing so. The McCain-Feingold act is less than eight years old hardly multiple decades old.

When Obama spoke at U of M he was speaking to some of the brightest young minds in this country. Unlike Harvard or U C Berkley U of M students are taught to think. U of M is not a pasture for student to graze like sheep for four years then become Lawyers and loyal Democrats. Most U of M graduates look beyond the law and politics and reach out into the fields of science and engineering. U of M graduates are concerned more with the future of America than its political past and that’s why they were polite to Obama but unconvinced he has the nation’s best interests at heart. Commencements are supposed to be inspiring events and Obama used it as one more of his relentless bitch session, doesn’t that fly in the face of tradition?

Liberalism has brought a large degree of decay to the moral fiber of America. Many of the values that built this nation have been abandoned in favor of what is perceived as more individual freedom, political correctness has become a common catch phrase. There’s a price to pay for freedom and one of those prices is to respect the rights of others in pursuit of our own pleasures. In the past half century there’s been more Me than We in the way we conduct ourselves as members of this great society. Compassion is a wonderful thing when it begins with family and country. Our compassion should never be at the expense of this countries own citizens. Most people who travel to other countries in the Americas never get beyond the resort areas so they never see the seamier side of life outside of the United States. Americans have a tendency to view the rest of the world either by our own standards or the standards set by our government’s foreign policies, neither of these policies are very accurate.

We the people have yet to determine what was so wrong with America that Obama and the 111th congress felt the need to dismantle it and start over. The elections of 2006 and 2008 came back to bit the American people in the butt, the change they were promised is not the change they got. The voters have an opportunity in 2010 to undo much of the damage that’s been done so far by the Obama, Pelosi, Reid cabal. That is if they’re interested in an America where we the people are still the masters of our fate.

So far Obamanomics has failed as has Obama’s so called fairness doctrines. All that can be changed at the ballot boxes in November if incumbents are voted out and new candidates are voted in, it’s up to the voters.

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