HOT Utah Battleground!

By: Jim Gilchrist

In the heat of the recent Immigration Reform battle a group of lawmakers traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with Utah’s congressional delegation to address the pressing issue of illegal immigration. Utah’s Junior Senator Bob Bennett told this group of state lawmakers “not to touch the issue (illegal immigration) because it is too hot.”

Is that what real Americans do when illegal aliens are invading our country and creating a crisis? I say NO!

The tides of change are rolling into Utah and across America. Voter angst is front and center in US Senate Races – even where 18-year incumbent Bob Bennett is facing an uphill battle just to hold onto his seat.

I know, because I was in Utah this past weekend and I met a man who is actually serious about confronting the illegal alien crisis in America. Now you can actually change the US Senate by joining with the “Marco Rubio of the West” and getting rid of a Senator who refuses to stand with the Constitution of the United States and defend this country.

Leading the charge to retire this Senator is successful businessman Tim Bridgewater. I recently traveled to Utah to endorse Tim Bridgewater and show my support for his 4 Steps To a Stronger America immigration plan.

Protect and secure the borders

Eliminate the “anchor baby” loophole

Enforce existing immigration and workplace laws

Reform U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to handle legal immigration better

(Click Here to Read Tim’s Border Security and Immigration Plan)

(Watch Fox News Report on Immigration with Jim and Tim)

This is exactly the kind of leadership we desperately need in the US Senate. America can no longer afford Senators who refuse to abide by the oath they swore to their country. We don’t just need to get rid of Bob Bennett, we need to help elect Tim Bridgewater!

A pro-amnesty group has endorsed one of the other contenders in the Senate race for Bob Bennett’s seat. With the liberals in Washington scheming to push through amnesty reform this ELECTION YEAR IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER to the cause of immigration reform. I believe Tim Bridgewater is exactly the kind of strong conservative we need in Washington to fight against the push for amnesty. Minutemen, we need to send an effective leader and immigration reformer to Washington, help Tim by volunteering in Utah or donating $10, $25, $50, $100, $500. Join me in your support today.

Best Regards,

Jim Gilchrist