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May 9, 2010

Rev. Al Sharpton’s Poor Record on Racial Profiling

The Arizona immigration law has sparked a lot of controversy amid accusations of racial profiling. And where people are protesting racial profiling, Rev. Sharpton will usually show up. In a statement he said “The Arizona immigration bill is an affront …

National March For Arizona’s SB 1070 on June 5

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Please save the date for Saturday, June 5, 2010 as we plan to announce a national march to help Arizona and support SB 1070.

As a top coalition leader in the immigration enforcement movement who has paved the way on building …

Elites More Afraid of Conservatives than Terrorists

To hear the national media, and our political elites, the patriotic citizens protesting government waste, and high debt, are a greater threat to our republic than the Jihadists who actually kill people and really do want to destroy our country. …