Elites More Afraid of Conservatives than Terrorists

By: Craig Chamberlain

To hear the national media, and our political elites, the patriotic citizens protesting government waste, and high debt, are a greater threat to our republic than the Jihadists who actually kill people and really do want to destroy our country. When it was announced that there was a failed car bombing in New York’s Time Square, the authorities piously announced that the suspect was “white.” Mayor Michael Bloomberg idiotically theorized that the would be bomber was somehow connected to the tea party movement. At least, they hoped they the bomber was. Instead, there hopes were shattered when the bomber turned out to be, in fact, a Muslim of Pakistani origins.

It was much the same with the beltway snipers. Government experts would confidently announce that the sniper was a white man, a loner, awkward with women, and had a fascination with guns. Instead it was two blacks, both Muslims, who drove around shooting people because they thought they were fulfilling a religious obligation.

But this is the mindset of the revolutionary left. In their narrative all people are decent, honest, kind, and generous. Unless you’re white and Christian. Then you are the very incarnation of evil itself. You are racist, sexist, homophobic, and imperialistic. Even though, historically, that it has been Christians of European descent who have done the most to advance the rights of women, minorities, and homosexuals.

The point is that the left sees conservatives as the real threat to this country. If you favor the right to keep and bear arms, consider yourself pro life, and think socialism should be equated with stupidity, then you are a much greater threat to the country than Bin Laden, and his terrorist network.

We’ve seen this from the very beginning of the Obama administration. The phrase war on terror was abandoned. We can’t call them Islamic terrorists, and there not acts of terror but, instead, man made disasters. Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, issued a warning that the US government had more to fear from returning veterans and ant government groups than it did from Islamic terrorists.

It’s no wonder that the Islamic fascist axis feels so confident at the moment. The west is now either groveling, or appeasing, as in the case of Europe, or it is ignoring the problem all together as in the case of the Obama administration. Why should the Taliban, or Al- Qaida, or the Iranians be worried? It’s not like they have anyone who is willing to stand up to them.

The Obama administration is working overtime to take attention from our real enemies, and to create new ones. The speech in Cairo, the endless apologies, throwing Israel under the bus, and maligning real opposition as un American(and I thought dissent was the highest form of patriotism) slurring them as “teabaggers” and accusing them of committing acts of violence and of using racist rhetoric when there is not a shred of evidence to prove that they have done either.

We saw the same thing in the Clinton administration. Instead of going after Bin Laden, they fired a few cruise missiles into an empty camp. Instead of doing something about them when they blew up embassies or warships we did nothing, and got 9-11 as a result. Instead Clinton and Reno were more concerned trying to demonstrate a link between Rush Limbaugh and Timothy McVeigh than they were in dealing with Al-Qaida. Never mind that when you really examine McVeigh’s beliefs he comes from the paranoid anti government left, not the right.

The Obama administration is not putting the security of this country front and center. He stirs up domestic discontent to whip op his base, he’s more interested in silencing domestic opposition, by smearing them as terrorists, rather than deal with real terrorists. It’s time for a new government. Let’s just hope we don’t have another 9-11 while we wait to vote this lot out.