San Francisco to Boycott the State of Arizona, What could go Wrong?

By: Jim Byrd

The City of San Francisco is staging a boycott of the state of Arizona. What transgression might Arizona have committed to cause such a caustic and economically devastating amercement from San Francisco? They passed a state immigration law that mirrored a federal immigration law that has been on the books for over 50 years, and to the consternation of many, it is against the law to sneak across the border.

The Honorable Gavin Newsom, Mayor of San Francisco, has banned all city employees from non-essential travel to the state of Arizona. One exception is law enforcement officials investigating crimes, but–in botched Shakespeare–therein lies the rub: one city’s junk is another state’s law. The venerable brain trust of the West Coast, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, are taking menacing procedures for an economic boycott of the Grand Canyon State, and even boycotting that racist chasm the Grand Canyon, no less. But fear not, Arizona, the Honorable Newsom formed, within hours of the passage of the law, the “Arizona Boycott Workgroup” to ascertain whether their boycott could possibly backfire on San Francisco, or through the lens of reality, if one sits down to a game of poker with 45 cents, a handful of crumpled IOU’s, and a reputation of being rather stupid, against the reigning world poker champion with the backing of $10 million worth of chips, what is the probable outcome?

I would presume that most folks of a common sense persuasion would likely be more offended, economically concerned, and morally aghast, if it had been Somalia that proclaimed a boycott of Arizona rather than San Francisco. In the grand scheme of things, San Francisco has long since become America’s vermiform appendix.

Let us deconstruct the city with the Golden Bridge. San Francisco is America’s Baghdad on the Bay; San Francisco can also lay claim as America’s Sodom. One small trivia fact about San Francisco that is not well known is that there are no angels in San Francisco. They boycotted it. The last time a couple of angels visited the city, they were last seen running up Fillmore with a wild look of terror in their eyes, clutching their holy britches with one hand, and protecting their posteriors with the other. Word travels fast on the internets of eternity, and thus was the beginning of the boycott of San Francisco by angels.

To be clear, San Francisco is the antagonist of all things American, and in a sense, the enemy of America. The hands on Darwin’s clock have spun backwards on the city of San Francisco. This city has digressed into one of the most perverted, anti-American, and rapidly decaying bastions of anathema produced by a civilized nation. Cold War Russia displayed a better disposition towards America than does San Francisco. Perversion, immorality, and American hatred are badges of honor worn with pride in this iniquitous abyss on the bay.

The city is operated by a Board of Supervisors and the Beelzebub of mayors, Gavin Newsom.

A truncated list of the decisions by the Board of Supervisors in which the only conceivable litmus test for their decision would be whether the decision is moral or immoral, with immoral the reigning champ:
Let us start with the shining star of the Board of Supervisors, Gerardo Compos Sandoval. Sandoval believes that the United States should not have a military; he believes that we should give up all our military weaponry; he just plain hates our military, our veterans, and the United States of America, which he and the citizens have become expatriates.

Sandoval stated, “I don’t think we should have a military.” He said that the local police and firefighters should be responsible for our national defense. When asked, “Should the United States give up our tools of war?” he stated, “You know that’s a very complicated question, but I would say, if you forced me to answer, I would say, yes, we should.” The Board of Supervisors voted down the harboring of the USS Iowa as a museum. Said Sandoval regarding voting against the harboring of the ship, “You don’t want a symbol of war in the harbor? It’s a warship and it’s got guns on it. It fires things. You know, you can’t deny what it is.”
Sandoval is representative of the City of San Francisco. And since his harebrained ideas while on the Board of Supervisors were antithetical to logic, intelligence, and morality, the good complicit citizens voted him Superior Court Judge.

This bastion of civility voted to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney, thus making their matriarch of stupid, Nancy Pelosi, President. Once again in a flamboyant display of irrelevance, San Francisco’s impeachment of Bush and Cheney, and Pelosi’s ascension to the throne of a communist America never materialized outside the city limits of America’s Baghdad.

They voted against the limited use of eminent domain, but counter to the pervasive movement across the country, chose to expand eminent domain.

They voted to publicly finance candidates of their choice by raising taxes on corporations and financial institutions to pay for their campaigns.

San Francisco loves pedophiles and sex offenders, and will defend them tooth and nail. The Board of Supervisors voted down a law that would increase the penalties and monitoring of sex offenders and pedophiles, but impeached Bush and Cheney.

The city voted to ban military recruiting in high schools and colleges and to completely ban handguns.

The San Francisco school board voted to ban all Junior ROTC programs from their school districts.

San Francisco, in contrast to Arizona, will violate the federal laws with which it disagrees. They force their police department to also disregard federal law. The city will not allow their police to ascertain a detained suspect’s immigration status, and if they serendipitously discover that they have an illegal alien in their custody, are forbidden from alerting federal authorities. San Francisco is a “Sanctuary City” for criminals, run by criminals.

But stupidity cannot be contained within the city limits of San Francisco, as it is a statewide affliction. President of the California State Senate, Darrell Steinberg, believes that it would be in the best interest of the state to end all state contracts with Arizona. But in the real world, California is so insolvent it would have long ago been broken-up and sold in bankruptcy court to the highest bidder, and if Karma existed, that winning bidder would be none other than North Korea, and perhaps for payment, the U.S. could receive something of greater value than California, such as the North Korean national energy grid.

But there is a solution that would appease all involved. Illegal aliens** have said they will leave Arizona because of the new law as they don’t feel so welcome. San Francisco loves them some fugitives. You can see were this is going.

The solution: load 6,000 Greyhound buses with the previously unwelcomed feeling 450,000 now overjoyed illegal aliens by offering them a welcoming atmosphere and a free trip to Arcadia–not to be confused with Arcadia, CA east of L.A.–deposit them just inside the city limits of the sanctuary city of Baghdad on the Bay, which can, if they so choose, disperse the overjoyed illegals among the welcoming around the state. If Arizona seems to be getting the better part of the deal, it doesn’t really matter since California, as a state, is dumber than a box of crickets, and they will never know the difference anyway.

This may seem like an insurmountable financial burden on the fine city of San Francisco, and the great State of California, but financial bounties await. If the state of California would only start charging an exit tax at the international border between California and the United States on the exponentially increasing hordes of the wealthy fleeing the state with the taxman nipping at their heels, true Nirvana would await the Golden State once again as their coffers would be overflowing.

**Do not construe that by the use of the term illegal aliens that I am insinuating that they come from south of the border and am condoning racial profiling of the darker skin persuasion. I am not. I believe, as most common sense folk do, that there is an equal chance that those without documentation in the state of Arizona could just as well have illegally crossed our Southern border from other countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, or Miami.

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