Finally The Truth

By: William P. Frasca

I would like to take this opportunity to dedicate this article in honor and respect of my Mother, Julia A. Frasca. Her love, assistance, guidance, strength, courage and confidence, taught me that all things are possible. God Bless Always.

The remarkable hidden truth is finally rising to the surface. It is slowly, but surely, revealing itself to all the concerned free thinking, American populous, who were adamantly and continually skeptical of the newly approved Obamacare Healthcare Bill. Originally all documentation that was deviously submitted portrayed a life in paradise with massive reductions, including premiums in all healthcare costs. It was surmised and intelligently questioned before its conception by rational groups and individuals who would not be prone in accepting the lies, threats, and ultimatums enacted by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats in power.

The sharp bumpy routes filled with multiple detours initiated in arriving to the final bogus calculations of these exorbitant savings have been recently discovered to be inaccurate by neutral investigative audits. The original concept of selling this abomination was really to prove without a reasonable doubt that it would bring financial healthcare stability, while coming to the rescue of all those who are uninsured. This also had to be overwhelmingly proven independently cost effective, without submitting any and all additional burdens to the already depleted taxpayer and National budget. This of course was a magician’s smoke in mirrors trick that was used as a cloaking device to conceal all the arm-twisting, corruption, kickbacks and falsehoods needed to approve this bill.

His Majesty, Barack Hussein Obama, “The Chosen One”, Princess Nancy Pelosi, “The Incompetent One”, and Prince Harry Reid, “The Incoherent One’s” biggest ally was the Congressional Budget Office. Their long awaited final analysis which proved to be the main attraction and support, of the these three axis of evil and biggest asset. This Office’s statement was, in not so many word, agreed with all the numbers, figures, and calculations introduced, pertaining to this healthcare bill, would definitely save money and be self sufficient.

Unfortunately for the American people all pertinent facts given, by this unscrupulous Administration were exaggerated, contaminated, deliberately omitted or offered erroneously, which obviously tainted the outcome. The Office of Congressional Budget only evaluated documents that were issued to them by the controlling bureaucrats, who had a great deal to lose if the ultimate verdict was contradictory to their desire.

This manipulation of deceit and control is not a newly introduced brilliant tool devised exclusively by the Socialist Marxist Liberal Democrats, and their cronies. These tactics of fixing the results have been around for years just ask anyone who came from a country ruled by Socialist, Communist, or dictatorships that lived in fear with limited freedoms. The progressives just seem to have perfected it into a priceless masterpiece.

Remember any particular individual or organization, especially the government, as in this case, offer any favorably selected certifications and records to be deceptively used to successfully tip the scales and guarantee victory of a certain program into their winning category.

Obamacare has recently lowered their shields, becoming vulnerable to the truth. Financial experts who are conducting independent audits, without the influences of Democratic elite, or lobbyists are forecasting distressing news because they are now given the opportunity to legitimately scrutinized any and all monetary improprieties which were stymied during the initial process.

This has become quit evident with the strong outcry, outrage and protest from the most prominent American Corporations immediately after it was approved by Congress and sign by the President. They brought to light the excessive price tags which will be weighted heavily upon them. Everyone with a brain knows that if this does happen the cost will eventually trickle down to the consumer. This was naturally and conveniently compromised by the powers that be, willfully obstructed from the public. More Americans will definitely be covered, but in reality with an honest short term prediction, the American people will definitely feel the financial sting in all areas of healthcare.

The Health and Human Services Department concluded in its report that obamacare will add an additional 34 million uninsured individuals into the insured coverage status, which was basically one of the main goals set by Obama. Regrettably, though, the report also reiterated that further additional achievements and accomplishments drastically fall tremendously short. Which are unrealistically regulating the costs including controlling the projected spending?

The improbable atmosphere of forced thievery which is dictating and condoning the robbery of Peter which are the cuts in Medicare, to pay Paul, Obama’s Tower of Babel, written with confused disjointed illogical jumbled languages,while scattering the people into an unhealthy environment of perplexity, bewilderment and puzzlement of the unknown and the unexplained. This would also lead Medicare into a destructive path of instability and unsustainable, with the possibility of undermining care for the senior citizens, the disabled and qualified dependents.

This would also increase provider health benefits cuts, because of the compromised reduction in payments to private Medicare Advantage plans would trigger a mass retreat, decreasing enrollment . The seniors would then be replaced into Medicare, possibly facing additional higher out-of-pocket costs with a reduction of essential services.

Republicans reiterated that these independent studies only proved that their anticipated projected expenditure relating to this bill of an additional one trillion dollars. Is a realistic reality, which would not only adversely affect our nation’s health care system, nut also our depleting treasury?

The report also added that a new voluntary long-term care insurance program created under the law faces “a very serious risk” of total ruin, collapse or bankruptcy. Were we definitely bamboozled into a system full of loopholes, endless money pit with the potentiality of fraud and despair? Were we deceitfully sold under protest a useless elixir from traveling snake oil salespersons? Time will be the judge, but with the majority of the American people seeing right through this brick wall of so called transparency. Bet the farmhouse that the Socialist Marxists Democratic, under Obama, Pelosi and Reid gave us the royal shaft.

These new discoveries only compound our legitimate distrust towards our government. It enhances the question with the obvious answer of why any and all despicable dubious tactics were used in bullying this bill into existence, because if honesty, logic, independence and public display of rejection did prevail, then the bill obviously wouldn’t have been approved.

America is presently living in turbulent times. We are experiencing an overwhelming, overbearing governmental dominance of despair and forced muted obedience May the Good Lord grant us the strength and courage to alter these destructive courses initiated by these arrogant conceited individuals of irrational supremacy, who are leading us into a destructive path of Socialism.